Turn that anger into votes…

October 13, 2018

A post to the Jack’s Winning Words blog some time back had this little quote – “Did you know that Dammit I’m mad spelled backwards is Dammit I’m mad?”  (Sent by Norlene)

I read an article in this week’s BusinessWeek magazine about female anger and why it is so often suppressed and allowed to fade away. The #MeToo movement brought to the surface a lot of that repressed anger from women who have been taken advantage of and abused by men during their lives, especially in the business environment. The article speculated on whether the sense of anger and frustration that boiled over this summer, culminating with the confirmation hearings for Judge Kavenaugh, will affect the angry womanNovember elections and change the face of American politics. The article pointed out that a record number of women are running for office this year at all levels of government. Certainly, replacing the good old boys in government with women is one way to overcome the issue (at least in government).It will take a longer, more concerted effort to change the business world. So, maybe the #MeToo movement is morphing into the #OurTurn movement, and that’s a good thing.

In the political world, turning anger into votes is what got Donald Trump elected. He successfully read and tapped into the anger of the voters over issues on which they felt the traditional politicians had abandoned them. He was able to cast the professional politicians who ruled Washington at the time as a part of the problem and offer himself as the solution. It worked because those same politicians had become isolated from, and arrogantdisdainful of, their constituents. They had become focused upon feeding from the trough of lobbyists’ money and doing the bidding of those who paid for their attention. It became well known that the lobbyists were writing the legislation being sponsored by their toadies in Congress and that did not sit well with the breakfast crew at the local café. Given little other outlet for their frustration, it’s no wonder that so many voters took the chance to vote for someone like Trump, who claimed that he wanted to “Drain the Swamp” in Washington. Whether he drained the swamp or just brought in a new crop of snakes and alligators is the topic for another day. He turned that anger and frustration into votes.

Now it’s the women’s turn to change things. The anger level has been building throughout the year as abuse of women scandal after scandal erupted onto the scene. The #MeToo movement may have started out of things that gained attention in Hollywood; but, it has always been there, just below the surface. It was suppressed in the homes and workplaces of America. It was hushed up in the churches and schools of America. It was winked at in Americas’ board rooms and in the Halls of Congress. But ityoung-woman-furious was still there; festering; the anger building. This time, maybe it won’t fade away. This time, maybe it will once again turn into votes. This time, maybe the women of America will do what the President didn’t do and drain the swamp that American politics has become. We shall see on November 6. That’s the day in which women have the opportunity to say “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.”


Did you leave your 2015 baggage behind?

January 4, 2016

Nelson Mandela“As I walked out the door to my freedom I knew if I did not leave all the anger, hatred and bitterness behind that I would still be in prison.”  (Nelson Mandela), as seen on the Jack’s Winning Ways blog.

We tend to view the start of each New Year as a chance to begin anew. At least we have not had tie enough to mess things up or cause much pain during the first few days of the year. So, it’s as if the beginning of each year gives us the chance to walk out of the prison of the past year and into the freedom of a new beginning. What we choose to take with us when we walk out of that prison is up to us.

The allusion to these things as baggage is really a good analogy. It’s as if baggagewe are carrying this heavy sac of stuff around. The weight of anger, hatred, prejudices and bitterness weighs us down and pulls down the corners of our mouths, causing us to look pained, angry or unpleasant at the least. The furrowing of our brows at the thoughts of those things causes wrinkles on our faces and the invectives that may spew from our mouths make us uninviting friends or guests indeed.

In addition to any resolutions that you may have made going into 2016, you should take Nelson Mandela’s advice about leaving behind any anger, hatred or bitterness that you may have been hauling around in 2015 as your personal baggage. I might add that leaving behind prejudices, fears and preconceived notions would also get 2016 off to a better start.

So, what baggage do you need to discard? Are you still harboring a grudge or bitterness for some slight that you felt in 2015? Are you still angry with someone who you feel harmed you in some way in 2015? Are you still harboring fears or prejudices and you may have been carrying around since well before 2015? Are you still sad because of some events that occurred in 2015? It’s time to let go of all of that baggage.  You cannot really leave the dungeon that those things put you in until you renounce them and move on.  Your soul cannot fly when weighted down with all of those burdens.

There are many ways to try to offload your personal baggage, but the easiest is to accept the help that is offered through faith. Jesus said, “Cobutterfly 2me to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Once you have found peace through your faith and
unloaded your personal baggage, you will find that you have freed your soul and can let it fly in 2016. Walk out of your prison and leave the baggage behind.

Have a great and baggage free 2016!