Norm Werner lives in the Village of Milford in Oakland County, which is in southeastern Michigan. He lives there with his wife Carolyn and their dogs Sadie and Skippy in a historic home just two blocks from downtown Milford.

To learn more about Milford, go to Norm’s Web site http://www.movetomilford.com or you can go to another site that he maintains http://www.milfordhistory.org to learn the history of Milford, Michigan. Norm is a Realtor,so he also maintains the real estate oriented sites http://www.themilfordteam.com and http://www.huronvalleyrealtor.com

Obviously one of Norm’s interests is Web development and he does some consulting in that area. He also develop0ed and maintains the site http://www.milfordcarshow.com for the Milford Business Assocation an their annual car show.

Norm has this blog and one at http://milfordrealestate.blogspot.com and is on Facebook, LinkedIN, Active Rain and Twitter. He also blogs nationally at http://normwerner.realtytimes.com

Norm’s other interests are golf, gardening, walking his dogs and occasionally putzing around with his 1978 MGB.

Norm write about whatever he feels like on his blog and gets much of his inspiration from the daily blog of his ex-pastor, Jack Freed, at http://jackswinningwords.blogspot.com

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