Get real…it won’t hurt

June 27, 2013

“When you are real, you don’t mind that it hurts.”  (The old Skin Horse) from the blog Jack’s Winning Words. Jack went on to say –  In the book, How Toys Become Real, a stuffed rabbit asks an older toy how to become real.  He’s told that you become real through magic and through the love of a little boy.  “When you are loved for a long, long time, not just to play with, you become real.”  The rabbit wonders, “Does it hurt?”  Today’s quote is the answer.  It’s like that in real life, too.    😉  Jack

It’s the little stuffed rabbit’s question that illuminates one of the biggest the problems in life – the fear that it will hurt. Fears of getting hurt, both real and imagined, often become so great that they prevent any action at all. The answer in this little story also serves as the answer in life. When you are real, when you are honest and genuine with yourself and others, you don’t mind that it occasionally hurts. You have to accept and expect a few little hurts along the way. I’ve found that no matter how big the fear of getting hurt and even no matter how big the hurt turns out to be, tomorrow always comes and I’m there to see a new day.

The story in today’s blog by Jack talks of toys becoming real through the love of the little boy who owns them.  I think you become real through the love of others, but also through the love of yourself. You have to become comfortable and at peace with who you are and love who you are to be real. It’s hard, perhaps impossible, to truly love others, if you cannot first love yourself. So get real with yourself and love who you are and then love others, so they can love you in return. Will it hurt sometimes? Yes, but you won’t mind.

Are you ready to get fit?

June 26, 2013

sts Active logo

Want a real workout? Ready to challenge yourself to be and look your best? Want to really work up a sweat and not just perspire? Miss the feeling you used to get training for competition or to make the team? If you’ve answered Yes to any of those questions, then STS Active in Highland, Michigan may be the place you should head.

This is no social gathering of people sipping cranberry juice while they watch TV and peddle away on exercise bikes; nor is it just a room full of musclemen picking things up and putting them down. This is a serious training/exercise experience run by people who excelled at athletics and have a desire to stay in shape and help others get in shape.  Go to their web site and take the tour of pictures of their facility. Notice there are no treadmills and exercise bikes. But there are some real training challenges and equipment that might bring back memories from your days as an athlete.

They have a variety of programs, including Zumba and a form of yoga that works up a sweat, too. They have personal trainers available, classes and programs for people who just want to work out on their own.  Talk to the Owner – Stephen Gauthier about what program might be best for you. You’ll quickly discover that this is not just a business for Steve, it’s a passion, too.

STS Active is located at  2825 E. Highland Road, Suite 123, Highland, MI  48356 (next door to the Sky Box Bar and Grill). Are you ready to get fit?

Get in the Parade!!!

June 25, 2013

The Independence Day Parade is next week – this year it’s actually on the 4th of July. Get your group signed up by downloading the parade application at – parade



There’s nothing more American than marching in the 4th of July parade, so get your group or organizaiton signed up and get into the parade! Come celebrate the birth of this great nation in small town America. If you can’t or don’t want to march, come watch. The parade steps off at 11:00 am at the corner of Commerce Rd and Union St.


I’ll see you there!

Chamber of Commerce Coffee Club at DDS

June 21, 2013

The Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce Coffee Club met this morning at the Digital Document Store on Commerce Rd in Milford and had another great turn out. The coffee club meets twice a month at various member locations and offers a way for member companies to showcase their facilities.

coffe club

Carlos Allison is the owner of the Digital Document Store and a great supporter of the Chamber, as well as the local Rotary Club and the YMCA. The Digital Document Store serves both as a sales outlet for various Xerox copiers and printers and as a local print shop that is capable of meeting all of the needs of local businesses from business cards to banners and everything in between. The DDS edge is in quick turn around of color or black & white printing in quantities up to about 5,000 pieces. They are also priced very competitively. Other services that are available there include scanning, faxing, copier and computer repairs, copier ink and toner (for Xerox products) and photo restoration. Call DDS at 248-684-1110 for all of your printing needs or to get a copier/printer of your own or for your business.




Tough market for buyers…

June 20, 2013

I was quoted this week in an article in the local Observer & Eccentric Newspaper about the current real estate market that we are in and how tough it is for buyers right now. Read the article here…

It’s tough on Realtors, too. I’ve sold all of my listings off and I’m trying to get more, but people still seem reluctant to list. Finding homes for the 4-5 sets of buyers that I’m working with is really tough in this market, so we need to be patient and persistent.

Southeastern Michigan Market Report for May

June 12, 2013

Ed. – The report below is from our broker – Dan Elsea – who sees things from a different vantage point that I do or than any individual agent would. Dan bases his observations onthe data that had come in trhroughthe end of May.

DAn Elsea

Dan Elsea – Broker for Real Estate One

In the last two months we have seen the first sign that the market may be moving towards normal. Even though sales continue at a fast pace, new listings entering the market in May were higher than last May, the first year-over-year increase in nearly two years. Although most all indicators show a market heating up (the Months’ Supply of Inventory (MSI) hit a record low of 1.8 months in Southeast Michigan and three year low of 6.5 in Northwest Michigan), underneath those numbers are some signs that Sellers, who have been waiting for years to sell, have noticed the price jumps and are testing the waters. If this trend continues it will lead to a smoother market with more listings and appreciation rates in sustainable single digits. Increasing interest rates will cool some buyer demand as well. Even with a more normal market it will still lean towards a Sellers’ Market, with Buyers outnumbering Sellers because of the buildup of Gen X and Y’s entering the housing market.

Home values are continuing to rise in Southeast Michigan at double-digit levels and high single-digits in Northwest Michigan. All markets are improving quickly but some are moving faster than others. By price segment, the under $500,000 market is rising the fastest at over 12%, while the over $500,000 market is moving at around 7%. Within specific submarkets the numbers are even higher.

Most all MSI’s are at their low points, ranging from a low of 36 days (Redford) to a high of 3.8 months (Ann Arbor), with most markets under 60 days. In the last two months the most active markets in Southeast Michigan have been Plymouth, Troy, Northville, Redford and Southfield. In the most active segment (under 90 days listing category) for each of those markets, the Months’ Supply of Inventory has actually been zero (i.e. at the current sales pace all listings under 90 days will sell). Washtenaw County is the only market where the MSI is higher compared to last year as a result of both a slowing sales pace and an increased pace of new listings. However, Washtenaw was the first market to move into hyper activity, so it is not surprising it might be the first to settle back to a more normal pace as more Sellers react to the improving market.

Ed. – This report is good for buyers who might now be starting to see more homes to choose from in the market. For seller’s it’s not really bad news; however, it does portend a shift back to more normal sales scenarios and away from the wild, multiple-offer situation that we’ve recently experienced in the market. Sellers also need to refocus back on the basics of keeping the house ready to show and not getting too greedy with buyers.

Up, up and away…

June 9, 2013

Report after report continues to show home prices climbing at double digit rates so far this year – 10% a month ago, 12 % this month and projected at 13% next month. IS this cause for concern that another value bubble is forming in the housing market? Not really. This run-up in prices is driven by a single factor – the huge shortfall in inventory, when compared to the demand. It is also being tempered by conservative appraisals that are lagging a bit behind the market prices. Also, even though lenders are back to offering products like the old 10-10-80 mortgages (10% down, a 10% equity loan and an 80% mortgage) they are certainly not offering no-doc loans or lending to people with marginal credit scores.


So we aren’t really seeing another bubble, which was the result of the combination of bad lending practices and an over exuberant market; rather we are seeing a classic example of the supply-demand curve in action. Once the market reaches a point of recovery in values that will allow more people to put their homes on the market, we’ll likely also see a re-balancing of the market back to one where neither the sellers nor the buyers have the advantage.


Like any system that is springing back and forth between too much and too little, this market will eventually find that equilibrium point. In the meantime, hold on and enjoy the ride!

Playing on the one string we have…

June 6, 2013

“The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.” (Chuck Swindoll) Swindoll went on to say, “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” Today’s saying from my favorite local blog – Jack’s Winning Words.

I used to spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about things that I just couldn’t change anyway. I still have occasional fits of anxiety-driven worry; however, I’ve tried to adopt the attitude that I’ll just let the scenario play itself out instead of worrying about all possible outcomes, especially the bad one that one’s imagination can conjure up.

Do you spend time worrying about what might be, instead of going on about the business of actually doing what will be? I saved another saying that appeared in one of Jack’s blogs that seems appropriate to that situation – “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” (Niels Bohr)happy face

Remember that “What will be will be” eventually turns into “It is what it is” and you really have little control over any of it, except how you act and react to the situation. So, don’t worry, be happy and play on the one string that you have.

Upcoming charity events in the Huron Valley…

June 5, 2013

AMP logoThe warmer months in Michigan gets people outdoors and many of them are out soliciting funds for their favorite causes. Some literally stand in the street with buckets collecting for this cause or that. Many host fund raising events, with golf outings being a big favorite at this time of the year. I’m signed up to play golf in the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing this month. At the end of last month my wife and I attended the prelude event for the AMP project, which is being sponsored by the Milford Rotary Club, the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Milford DDA, to build an amphitheater in Milford’s Central Park.


My wife and I also regularly give food and clothing items to the Community Sharing group in the Huron Valley, as well as to Purple Heart and the Salvation Army. Community Sharing runs a wonderful service for people in need of temporary help with food for themselves and for their pets, as well as offering other services to those same people. Community Sharing has a golf outing coming up, too, on June 28. Click here to read the Community Sharing Golf Outing flyer.  You can get the details about many of the upcoming charity events at my web site


One event that I wanted to highlight is the upcoming kick-off fund-raiser for the Village FineVFAA_logo Arts Association (VFAA), which will be held from 6 – 8 pm on June 15 at 210 Main St. The VFAA is raising money to fund the creation of a center for artists to use which they call the SHAC. That acronym stands for the Susan Haskew Art Center. You can read about what this art center is envisioned to be by clicking here. If you want to know more about the event itself, click here. Appreciation of, and support for, the arts is a hallmark of a vibrant community. Certainly the AMP and SHAC projects show that the commitment to the arts is strong in the Huron Valley.


Much of what used to be funded by grants or direct funding by governmental organizations now depends upon volunteer organizations. Milford and the surrounding Huron Valley area are blessed to have so many volunteer groups doing so much good work to make this area a better place to live. So, check out the various upcoming fund-raising events on my web site and decide upon which you can support this year. I’ll probably see you at a few of them.

Grow your wings…

June 2, 2013

“Sometimes you’ve got to jump off cliffs and grow wings on the way down.” (Ray Bradbury)

man jumping off cliffLife is full of opportunities to use Bradbury’s saying. We all face things that we’ve never done before or challenges that we have no idea how to overcome. The timid just back away from such things, while the adventuresome take Bradbury’s advice to heart and jump off the cliff of uncertainty and figure things out (grow their wings) on the way down.

I’ve always tended to initially be cautious, perhaps overly so; however, I’ve also found that whenever I do just jump off the cliff the results have been exciting and fun.

Are you the adventuresome type or do you steer clear of taking chances on unknown things? You’ll never grow your wings if you don’t try to fly.