Get real…it won’t hurt

“When you are real, you don’t mind that it hurts.”  (The old Skin Horse) from the blog Jack’s Winning Words. Jack went on to say –  In the book, How Toys Become Real, a stuffed rabbit asks an older toy how to become real.  He’s told that you become real through magic and through the love of a little boy.  “When you are loved for a long, long time, not just to play with, you become real.”  The rabbit wonders, “Does it hurt?”  Today’s quote is the answer.  It’s like that in real life, too.    😉  Jack

It’s the little stuffed rabbit’s question that illuminates one of the biggest the problems in life – the fear that it will hurt. Fears of getting hurt, both real and imagined, often become so great that they prevent any action at all. The answer in this little story also serves as the answer in life. When you are real, when you are honest and genuine with yourself and others, you don’t mind that it occasionally hurts. You have to accept and expect a few little hurts along the way. I’ve found that no matter how big the fear of getting hurt and even no matter how big the hurt turns out to be, tomorrow always comes and I’m there to see a new day.

The story in today’s blog by Jack talks of toys becoming real through the love of the little boy who owns them.  I think you become real through the love of others, but also through the love of yourself. You have to become comfortable and at peace with who you are and love who you are to be real. It’s hard, perhaps impossible, to truly love others, if you cannot first love yourself. So get real with yourself and love who you are and then love others, so they can love you in return. Will it hurt sometimes? Yes, but you won’t mind.

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