Are you ready to get fit?

sts Active logo

Want a real workout? Ready to challenge yourself to be and look your best? Want to really work up a sweat and not just perspire? Miss the feeling you used to get training for competition or to make the team? If you’ve answered Yes to any of those questions, then STS Active in Highland, Michigan may be the place you should head.

This is no social gathering of people sipping cranberry juice while they watch TV and peddle away on exercise bikes; nor is it just a room full of musclemen picking things up and putting them down. This is a serious training/exercise experience run by people who excelled at athletics and have a desire to stay in shape and help others get in shape.  Go to their web site and take the tour of pictures of their facility. Notice there are no treadmills and exercise bikes. But there are some real training challenges and equipment that might bring back memories from your days as an athlete.

They have a variety of programs, including Zumba and a form of yoga that works up a sweat, too. They have personal trainers available, classes and programs for people who just want to work out on their own.  Talk to the Owner – Stephen Gauthier about what program might be best for you. You’ll quickly discover that this is not just a business for Steve, it’s a passion, too.

STS Active is located at  2825 E. Highland Road, Suite 123, Highland, MI  48356 (next door to the Sky Box Bar and Grill). Are you ready to get fit?

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