Upcoming charity events in the Huron Valley…

AMP logoThe warmer months in Michigan gets people outdoors and many of them are out soliciting funds for their favorite causes. Some literally stand in the street with buckets collecting for this cause or that. Many host fund raising events, with golf outings being a big favorite at this time of the year. I’m signed up to play golf in the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing this month. At the end of last month my wife and I attended the prelude event for the AMP project, which is being sponsored by the Milford Rotary Club, the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Milford DDA, to build an amphitheater in Milford’s Central Park.


My wife and I also regularly give food and clothing items to the Community Sharing group in the Huron Valley, as well as to Purple Heart and the Salvation Army. Community Sharing runs a wonderful service for people in need of temporary help with food for themselves and for their pets, as well as offering other services to those same people. Community Sharing has a golf outing coming up, too, on June 28. Click here to read the Community Sharing Golf Outing flyer.  You can get the details about many of the upcoming charity events at my web site www.movetomilford.com.


One event that I wanted to highlight is the upcoming kick-off fund-raiser for the Village FineVFAA_logo Arts Association (VFAA), which will be held from 6 – 8 pm on June 15 at 210 Main St. The VFAA is raising money to fund the creation of a center for artists to use which they call the SHAC. That acronym stands for the Susan Haskew Art Center. You can read about what this art center is envisioned to be by clicking here. If you want to know more about the event itself, click here. Appreciation of, and support for, the arts is a hallmark of a vibrant community. Certainly the AMP and SHAC projects show that the commitment to the arts is strong in the Huron Valley.


Much of what used to be funded by grants or direct funding by governmental organizations now depends upon volunteer organizations. Milford and the surrounding Huron Valley area are blessed to have so many volunteer groups doing so much good work to make this area a better place to live. So, check out the various upcoming fund-raising events on my web site and decide upon which you can support this year. I’ll probably see you at a few of them.

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