Did you leave your 2015 baggage behind?

Nelson Mandela“As I walked out the door to my freedom I knew if I did not leave all the anger, hatred and bitterness behind that I would still be in prison.”  (Nelson Mandela), as seen on the Jack’s Winning Ways blog.

We tend to view the start of each New Year as a chance to begin anew. At least we have not had tie enough to mess things up or cause much pain during the first few days of the year. So, it’s as if the beginning of each year gives us the chance to walk out of the prison of the past year and into the freedom of a new beginning. What we choose to take with us when we walk out of that prison is up to us.

The allusion to these things as baggage is really a good analogy. It’s as if baggagewe are carrying this heavy sac of stuff around. The weight of anger, hatred, prejudices and bitterness weighs us down and pulls down the corners of our mouths, causing us to look pained, angry or unpleasant at the least. The furrowing of our brows at the thoughts of those things causes wrinkles on our faces and the invectives that may spew from our mouths make us uninviting friends or guests indeed.

In addition to any resolutions that you may have made going into 2016, you should take Nelson Mandela’s advice about leaving behind any anger, hatred or bitterness that you may have been hauling around in 2015 as your personal baggage. I might add that leaving behind prejudices, fears and preconceived notions would also get 2016 off to a better start.

So, what baggage do you need to discard? Are you still harboring a grudge or bitterness for some slight that you felt in 2015? Are you still angry with someone who you feel harmed you in some way in 2015? Are you still harboring fears or prejudices and you may have been carrying around since well before 2015? Are you still sad because of some events that occurred in 2015? It’s time to let go of all of that baggage.  You cannot really leave the dungeon that those things put you in until you renounce them and move on.  Your soul cannot fly when weighted down with all of those burdens.

There are many ways to try to offload your personal baggage, but the easiest is to accept the help that is offered through faith. Jesus said, “Cobutterfly 2me to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Once you have found peace through your faith and
unloaded your personal baggage, you will find that you have freed your soul and can let it fly in 2016. Walk out of your prison and leave the baggage behind.

Have a great and baggage free 2016!

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