Say something nice to somebody today…

March 1, 2018

From the blog Jack’s Winning Words comes this quote of the day – “Why do we have to wait for special moments to say nice things or tell people we care about them?”  (Randy Milholland)

Jack went on to tell a little of Randy’s life success story because someone took the time to say something to him in his youth.

I believe that there is also a benefit to you if you take the time to say something nice to someone – it makes you feel better, too. Taking the time, making that effort to think of handshakesomething nice to say to someone puts you in a positive frame of mind, because you are being positive and not just finding fault with that person. It can be something as small as “your hair looks great today” or maybe just “you look great today”. You’ll probably get a smile and maybe a reply and it will usually be positive, which helps reinforce the positive vibe that you were on when you made the comment.

The second positive thing from doing this is that it puts you “out there”. By making the comment, you reached out from your protective shell and touched someone else in his or her shell. If you get a response, you have the beginning of a conversation and perhaps a relationship building moment. Humans are really all about interacting with other humans and it can be very lonely if you never take the opportunity to interact. Even if you just a get a fleeting, “Thanks”, from the person as they scurry away, you tried and they did acknowledge you. Perhaps the next time that you meet, they’ll have more time and they’ll remember that you’re the one who said something nice to them.

this-is-meAnother side-benefit of making the effort to say something nice is that it will usually put a smile on your face, which may be a pleasant change from your normal “at rest” face. It is quite natural that most people’s faces droop a bit into what might be interpreted as a frown by others. You aren’t really unhappy or trying to frown and probably don’t realize that your “at rest” face doesn’t look inviting or friendly. By conscientiously preparing to say something nice you will reflexively put a little smile on your face, which will be a pleasant change for those that you meet.

So, go out there today prepared to say something nice to those that you meet. You will make it a much more pleasant day for them and I think you’ll find that you have a much more pleasant day, too. Bye the way; you look great today; have you been losing weight; is that a new hair style for you; where did you get that great outfit? I feel better already. How about you?

Lighten up somebody’s life today; give them a compliment.

January 24, 2017

This little quote was in a recent post to the Jack’s Winning Words blog – “Compliments are the helium that fills everybody’s balloon.”  (Bernie Siegel)

Everybody can use the helium of compliments to lighten the load of day-to-day living. There are many things that we tend to worry about and which tend to weigh us down. Receiving a compliment from someone about how we look or how we have acted or about something that we have done serves as a counterbalance to lighten our day a bit.

At my local Chamber of Commerce referral networking group, I recently presented somegreat-job information from articles that I read about why businesses lose clients and employees. The main reason in both cases was that the client or employee didn’t feel that they were appreciated. I think saying a few “thank you’s” and giving some compliments in both cases could go a long way to preventing those losses and the costs to the business that goes with them.

In our personal lives we too often begin to take our life partners and the things they do for us for granted. All too often in our modern society that can lead to problems and even divorce. Taking the time to give a few compliments about how they look or thanking them for the things that they do every day to make our lives easier or better can go a long way to keeping the relationship vibrant and together.

At a personal level, if you really stop and think about it; don’t you feel better when someone compliments you or acknowledges the work that you’ve been doing? It makes complimentyour day a little brighter if someone says that you look great today or perhaps even “that color looks so good on you.” A boss or even a fellow worker who recognizes and thanks you for the good work that you’ve been doing is reward enough to make your day. One of the articles that I had read on this had the line “people don’t work for companies; they work for other people.” That drives home the point that workers are looking for positive reinforcement from the people that they work for and with; they’re hoping to be recognized and complimented by the boss and co-workers.

So, make the day better for those that you encounter today and find something to compliment them on. Your little greeting of “You sure look good today” will put them in the right frame of mind to have a great day. They’ll leave you thinking “You’re right. I do look good today. This is going to be a great day.” You’ve filled their life with the helium of a compliment and lightened their load. While you’re at it, give yourself a compliment, “That was a nice thing to do and I feel good about it.”