Don’t Struggle…Make good decisions…

I recently saved a quote by Will Smith that I saw somewhere, even though I disagree with it –

“In all honesty, everyone is struggling.  Some are better at hiding it than others.”  (Will Smith)

I really don’t believe that everyone is struggling; however, I do think this quote by Martha Beck is true –

“Life is full of tough decisions, and nothing makes them easy.” (Martha Beck)

What Will Smith might see as a struggle is more often than not just a decision point in life, a place where a decision must be made, maybe a tough decision. Many times those decisions involve a right or wrong choice from a moral point of view. Oft times they also involved a conflict between our own self-interest and the interests of others. Doing the “right thing” to help someone else might not seem sometimes to be in our own best interest. But it is the “right thing” to do.

I have posted here a few times in the past that I often include in my prayers the request that God “help me make good decisions” today. There doesn’t have to be a decision starting me in the face, it’s just a request that God help me make valid right and wrong evaluations when decisions come up during the day and hopefully do the right things.

So, there is no reason to struggle with or hide your decisions. If you pause and let God help remind you what is right and wrong in any situation or decision, you will make the right decision. I suppose that does make it a bit easier. Maybe Martha should have said, “Life is full of tough decisions and asking God for help with them makes it easier.”

Don’t struggle with the decisions that you have to make. Ask for and accept God’s help. He will help you see the right and wrong in any situation and doing the right thing is always the best thing and the easiest thing in the long run.

So, don’t struggle today and this week; instead let God help you make good decisions.


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