Say ouch and move on…

This is a rather long quote, but worth the read…

As seen on The Loneliest Sport – ‘When I was a boxer in the 1970’s, I was hit in the face by Joe Frazier, knocked out by Muhammad Ali, and knocked down a couple of times by Ron Lyle before I got up and won. All of the fights had one thing in common: When they were over, I could hardly remember the pain. I forgot my weak knees, the cuts, the blood in my eyes. If not for the films of my fights, I would have put them totally out of my mind. It’s the same when you hit rough times: Don’t let the pain and disappointment lodge inside.’ (George Foreman)

Life does throw disappointments and some pain our way from time to time. How we react to them is an important factor in whether we are happy or not. Some, unfortunately, hold on to the pain and disappoint of those moments, unable to forgive or forget and move on with their lives. For them, holding on to failures becomes a way of life and a way to avoid trying again to achieve their dreams or seeing a new dream.

For George Foreman the setbacks that he experienced early in his career were real and I’m sure quite painful; however, he got back up and put them out of his mind and got back to work. Eventually he prevailed ad won the Heavyweight Championship Belt. He has gone on to become a successful TV salesman and advertising personality.

It is easy to make the statement, “Don’t let the pain and disappointment lodge inside”, but sometimes not so easy to actually do that.  I think it is important to acknowledge to ourselves that those disappointment hurt, to say a kind of mental “Ouch”. Acknowledging them and saying that ouch puts boundaries around the incident. It allows us to package it up and then set it aside. Otherwise, we just continue to revisit and re-feel the pain. In fact, we may make revisiting that pain a part of our life and let it influence our decisions going forward. We accept the role of victim to that pain.

An important step that Foreman did but did not talk about in his quote is that he kept getting back up after each defeat.  What Foreman is saying is don’t be a victim. Don’t let a pain from your past dictate your future. Even if the failure that you’ve just experienced was actually the end of the dream that you had been pursuing for quite some time, that does not mean that your life is over. It just means that it is time for a new dream to pursue. Say ouch and move on. God has a different plan for your life.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  (Jeremiah 29:11)

Find that new plan and turn your life in that direction.

So, when you hit a rough spot in life or suffer a disappointment, try this 4-step method of dealing with it:

  1. Acknowledge that it happened (maybe put into words what just happened and say it out loud)
  2. Say ouch, that hurt (maybe a good cry would help)
  3. Package it up and set it aside (put the end boundary of “it happened in the past” on it)
  4. Move on with life (trust that God has a plan for your and look for your next dream)

But first, get back up!


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