Monday, Monday…

Monday’s get a bad rap as being the worst day of the week. I remember the Momma’s and Pappa’s song, Monday, Monday, in which they said the Monday’s leave them crying all of the time. Do Monday’s make you sad? Or, maybe you just dread having to go back to work on Monday. Maybe you just see Monday’s as “just another day” and dismiss them as unimportant. Here’s a thought –

“There’s no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.”  (Alexander Woollcott)

Perhaps, if you approach Monday’s (and really every day) with both thankfulness that you were given another day and anticipation of what will make this an important day in your life, you will recognize the hand of God in your daily life. Every day is full of opportunities to make decisions or take actions big or small that impact your life and the lives of others.

The simple act of holding a door open at a store for someone that you don’t even know may be the key to changing their day and putting them in a better frame of mind. That same act puts you in a better frame of mind too, since it forced you to get outside of yourself and your own thoughts and to recognize and act upon the needs of others. In most cases a verbal exchange of some sort will also happen, which further gets you out of your shell. The simple exchange, “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” bring importance to your day.

Occasionally, you might be presented with one of life’s big opportunities to do something highly important, like saving someone’s life. We see that on news shows from time to time, when some “normal” person, just like us, happens to be at the right place at the right time to pull someone from a burning car or house or maybe to apply the Heimlich maneuver at a restaurant. They probably weren’t having a significantly important day prior to that incident, but it will remain in their memories as an important day the rest of their lives.

The most unimportant day of your life is yesterday, so don’t spend a lot of time revisiting it. The next least important day is tomorrow, since spending time worrying about what might happen then seldom has any impact other than to waste time today. Rather, spend your time focusing upon the most important day of your life, which is today, even if it is a Monday. God has important things for you to do today, so don’t miss the opportunities.

Hey, can I get that door for you?

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