Life is like…

Don’t you just love all of those “Life is like…” sayings? Remember that Forest Gump’s mom told hinm that life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are gong to get. I liked this little graphic with its “Life is like…” piece of advice because it fit so well with my own philosophy of life.

The bicycle analogy has one other aspect that that was not highlighted in the little saying above. When you learn to ride a bike, in addition to keeping moving, you are taught that if you start to lean one way or the other, turn into that direction and the bike will right itself again. If you either stop moving or you were to turn away from the direction that the bike is leaning you will fall over.

Life throws all sorts of things at us that may make us lean one way or the other – problems, unexpected turns of events, personal losses, or setbacks.  We can’t let those things stop us and we must turn into them and face them or we will fall down. We cannot deny or turn away from life’s challenges if we wish to remain upright. We cannot stop living and must keep moving forward. But, how?

Look at the picture again. Now take the analogy to the next level in your mind. In the picture the little boy’s father is there to help keep him moving forward and to help him turn into the leans and stay upright. If you imagine that you are the little boy, who do you think can be the father figure in your life helping you stay upright and moving forward?

If you guessed that it is God, you are probably already pretty good at life’s bicycle ride. However, if you spend more of your time falling down and having to pick yourself up or perhaps you are stopped and feel stuck; maybe it’s time to let God help you learn how to ride the bicycle that is your life. God has always been there, right behind you, ready to help if you let Him.

You don’t get training wheels with life’s bicycle, but you won’t need them if you let God give you a little push to keep you going and some advice about turning into the leans that life throws at you. There are prayers that I could recommend for you to use to ask for God’s help, but just saying to God sincerely “A little help here” is as much as you need to say.

Accept God’s help in your life and then set back and enjoy the ride.

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