Be a magician today…

From my favorite source of quotes, Jack’s Winning Words, comes today’s thought provoker – “The magic in new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all.”  (Josiyah Martin)

So, why are new beginnings so magical? I think it is because they rekindle hope and hope is a powerful elixir indeed.

New beginning usually occur right after something has ended, perhaps something that ended badly or maybe just in disappointment. After those few moments of admission that all hope was lost for the old, new hope springs to life for the new and a new focus upon that hope energizes us to move forward again.

Sometimes it is not that hope was lost or that defeat was admitted; but, rather, that hope was temporarily forgotten or was lost in the loud din of day-to-day life. Out faith and the hope that comes with it can be like that – drowned out and forgotten in our focus upon our daily lives. We become so focused upon monetary success that we let our faith slide into the background. We fixate upon the here and now and forget about the rest of eternity. The old saying “the Devil is in the details” is perhaps talking of us focusing too much on the mundane details of life and not enough on the bigger picture – not enough on God.

We can correct that by treating each day as a new beginning and pausing each morning to thank God for the new chance to do better each day. Certainly, we have to put in the effort to maintain our jobs and provide for our needs and that of our families; however, we can also renew the hope that our faith provides and rededicate ourselves to doing the good which that faith requires. With each new day, each new beginning, we will find renewed hope. Acting upon that hope, we will provide the magic in the lives of others and that is the most powerful thing of all.

So, take some time each morning to stoke the fires of your faith and rekindle your hope, so that you can go out and perform magic all day long. The world is full of people who have lost hope. Give them some of yours and make the world a better place for all.

Make each day a new beginning and fill it with hope.

Be a magician today!

One Response to Be a magician today…

  1. John Freed says:

    Am I REALLY your favorite source of quotes? Thanks for the compliment. I’m anxious to get back to Michigan and see friends ion person. Thanks for your continual good work.

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