Create some happiness today…

This is the last of the quotes from French philosopher Albert Camus that I had saved. I may go find more.

“Against eternal injustice, man must assert justice, and to protest against the universe of grief, he must create happiness.” – Albert Camus

Camus seems to have seen mostly darkness and chaos in the world around him, for many of his quotes focus upon man’s struggle against the forces that Camus saw as being arrayed against him. I don’t buy into the belief that we live in a “universe of grief” or “eternal injustice”; nonetheless, I do see the need to create happiness where none may exist around us.

Rather than grief, I think we live in a universe that has tipped dangerously towards ignorance, cynicism, and hate. Instead of proven knowledge too many embrace conspiracy theories. Far too many have substituted disbelief for beliefs (religious or otherwise). And, for many, prejudices and hate have displaced welcoming friendship and relationships. In this universe there is an obvious need to create happiness.

But, how does one “create happiness?” I would submit that you can create happiness for others by turning what you would hope for and expect for yourself into what you offer to others. Instead of turning your eyes away and rushing by the stranger on the street, greet them with a smile and a friendly “Hello”. Instead of pushing your way through the door first, hold it open for the next person. Instead of ignoring the person in obvious pain or need, stop and ask if you can help. Doing something, instead of ignoring everything and everyone around you, is an important step to creating happiness.

Another way to create happiness is to live your life in such a way as to inspire others. If you are a positive, upbeat person, you will find that people flock to you because they want to associate with someone who appears to be happy. They hope to learn the secret for happiness from you or at least that maybe some of your happiness with “rub off” on to them.

In a world that seems adrift in cynicism, the occasional islands of the happily self-assured people that we meet offer refuge from the negativism and hatefulness that is so prevalent. It has been my observation that most of those happy people that I have encountered are people of faith. They are not evangelists standing on soap boxes in the park quoting scripture and preaching to the crowd; but, rather, they are people whose very lives demonstrate the power and impact of God. They live their faith every day. It makes them happy and it makes them attractive to others.

This morning, as you pause to thank God for giving you another day, ask Him to help you spread happiness in an unhappy world by living in such a way that others find joy in having encountered you.

Create some happiness today.

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