So, think already…

Today’s installment of the Jack’s Winning Words blog used this quote from Dr. Seuss –“Think left and think right and think low and think high.  Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try.” 

God gave mankind a brain to do things other than just space our ears apart. It is supposed to be used before acting or speaking. Yet we constantly hear from people who have just done or said something stupid, “I didn’t think.” Entire entertainment shows, like Jackass and America’s Funniest Videos are based upon people doing things without giving it the necessary thought before they act. Much of what we find offensive in the words of others is probably caused by them not thinking before they spoke. Many times we would like to believe that they are not that insensitive or ignorant and that what they said doesn’t represent what they really think. If it does, then we should think about not associating with them.

People who blurt out some knee-jerk racial remark in response to news stories of a black live matter rally or maybe a story concerning some LBGTQ couple are allowing their pre-conceptions to take over the role that their brain should have. Their “thought process” usually starts with “All those (place whatever group is being denigrated here) are the same and that means, or justifies why, I don’t like them or fear them. They have left their brains in park and driven off to a conclusion riding on their prejudices.

Dr. Seuss was trying to point out what how much more interesting our lives could be if we just used our brains to think. Just think how many interesting people you might meet, if only you thought instead of letting your prejudices take over. Or, maybe how many wonderful adventures and experiences you might have if you were not constrained by unfounded fears. There is certainly nothing wrong with thinking about and considering any risks that may be involved in anything that you are considering doping. However, it is paralyzing to let your imagination run wild and to conjure up an improbable list of reasons why you should not even try. Thinking doesn’t have to stop you from doing things or meeting people, it just better prepares you for dealing with the unknown alternatives.

So do as Dr. Seuss advised and think left and right, high and low; don’t let thinking stop you, but think as you go.

So, think already…

One Response to So, think already…

  1. John Freed says:

    I admire the though that you put into your blog each day…not only your thought…but thoughts that make sense. Keep it up!

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