Spoiler Alert…

“We don’t want to spoil the ending for you, but everything is going to be OK.”  (Toby Mac), as seen on the Jack’s Winning Words blog.

Sometimes in the midst of what seems like overwhelming pressures or problems in life, we lose track temporarily of God’s promise to us – “Call on me in the day of trouble, and I will recue you.” – Psalm 50:15.

The reason that we get overwhelmed is that our egos and minds allow us to believe that we restless sleepshould be able to find solutions for every problem that we face. We are reluctant (some might even say stubborn) in our inability to admit that we need help, that we can’t solve every problem or that some problems are just too big and too intractable for us. We get frustrated and angry that we can’t “work it out” or “work through it”. Sometimes that frustration turns to depression because we allow ourselves to feel like we are failures because of inability to deal with the problems at hand. But, take heart; everything’s going to be OK.

None of that sense of failure or frustration is necessary if we will only stop and turn to the one place that we can take any problem for help. Asking God for help is not giving up. It is only acknowledging and allowing Him to provide us with the assistance that He already has offered to us. It is saying, “You know what; I’m gohelping handsing to let my teammate in life take care of this one with me.” Once you let God take the yoke with you, the responsibility for bearing it alone will be lifted from your shoulders. Everything’s going to be OK.

I think the key to success with this is to have the discipline to stop yourself in the midst of the crisis and see it for what it is – something that you are not going to be able to take on by yourself. Once you get that in mind there are alternative paths that you will be able to see. Perhaps you have a good support system of relatives and friends around you who can help and that’s OK, too. Call on them and they will respond, just as you would respond to them in their time of need. When they do, you’ll know that everything’s going to be OK.

Sometimes even the best support network isn’t enough. Maybe the problem is too big or too mepersonal. Maybe the “solution” is not really a solution at all; but, rather the need to just accept the situation or the consequences and move on. Many times the crisis is mainly of our own making or in our minds; a product of the scenarios that we conjure up in our struggle to deal with situations that have no real solution. Rather than continue down the rat-hole of trying to solve the impossible puzzle; stop and ask for God’s help. Try the simple prayer, “not my will but thy will be done.” Then let go of it. Give the problem to God and trust in Him. Whatever happens next remember that everything’s’ going to be OK.

Have a great and worry free day…everything’s going to be OK.

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