Start a new ending for your life today…

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

Easter is a harbinger of Spring – that time of the year when most of nature’s plants start making a new ending. It is also a time of year when life us hit the reset button on lives and springbegin to make new endings for ourselves. It begins with Easter, which is a celebration of the new beginning that was ransomed for us by the death and resurrection of Christ. If one can accept and embrace that thought, then the trials and tribulations of this life fade into the background noise.

So, put the past in the past and face the future and the new ending that you can create from what you do from today on. Life is like a maze, full of false starts and dead end paths; but, it is also full of possibilities and new beginnings. Like a finding your way through a maze with help signmaze, life starts for everybody at the same point and ends at the same point. It is the journey through the maze that is different for each person. Perhaps, if you look at all of life’s trials or set-backs up until now as learning experiences, you’ll find it easier to see the path through the maze. The other thing that can help in traversing the maze of life is a good moral compass rooted in faith. If you stop and really consult that compass at each decision point in your life you may find it easier that you think to make the right the truthdecisions.
There is an oft heard saying that “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”; perhaps it can also be the first step in your journey to a new ending. Start by understanding that no one else can dictate your ending and nothing in your past can pre-determine your future. If you admit to yourself that you don’t like where you are headed, then change directions. Step off to a new ending. You might eve start enjoying the journey.

Have a great week ahead on your journey to a new ending.

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