Don’t crash your Kia…

Lesson learned – don’t crash your Kia if you buy one; it takes forever to get them repaired.

Kia damageI was involved in a road incident in which a pickup truck ahead of me (a junk picker I presume) dropped a piece of metal bar on the road. At 50 miles an hour that sort of thing bounces when dropped and it did – right into the front of my Kia Soul. That hit split the front bumper cover, took out the passenger side fog light and apparently damaged the window sprayer fluid bottle. So I took it in for repair at a major dealer’s collision shop (I mention that so that you understand that this is no mom-and-pop repair shop).

In fairness to them, they did warn me that Kia’s take longer than other brands to repair because of the long delay getting parts. That was two weeks ago! They are still waiting for the last part – that stupid fluid bottle. Maybe they had to ship it from Korea – by boat!  Whatever the reason it is pretty ridiculous to be doing business in the U.S. and not have a parts operation in place that can support your dealers and repair shops – not that I believe that anyone at Kia really cares.

So the lesson here, which you may wish to take into consideration as you are car shopping, is that you should be willing to put up with prolonged repair times if you happen to crash your Kia and need collision repairs. They are great cars and provide a lot of value for the money; however, your ownership experience may not be all that you hoped it would be. Just sayin’.

I’m now hoping (along with the repair shop guys) that the part comes in this week and I don’t go into week three without my Soul. ‘Cause, let’s face it; a man who’s without his soul is a sad thing indeed. I’m gonna think about that when it’s time to buy again.

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