Repairing a ding to the Soul

Over the weekend my Soul was damaged. No, not my soul, but my Kia Soul. It was one of those things that happens. You’re driving along, minding your own business when something falls off a truck ahead of you and bounces right into yourKia damage car – Bang! I thought it had just hit underneath the car when it happened, but a later inspection proved me wrong. The big piece of metal that hit me took out my passenger side fog light and cracked the plastic bumper on that side.  Bummer.

So I had to get on the phone over the weekend and put in an insurance claim to get my Soul repaired. It might be a little inconvenient for a day or so; but, I sure that my Soul will be as good as new when the repair shop is finished with it. They will have restored my Soul.

Does that sound familiar? Maybe it’s because you might have grown up reciting the 23rd Psalm in church. The fourth line reads, “He restoreth my soul.”

Life is full of little (and sometimes big) dings to the soul, things that come at you unexpectedly. Some may be just tiny scratches, perhaps an unkind word or a snub; while others cause more damage, like a death or a divorce or a break-up.  Sometimes you don’t have time to pull over to the shoulder and look to see what damage has occurred, but you will look later, in the quiet of your bedroom or elsewhere. You will examine your soul for the damage.

When those things happen in life that can damage the soul, it is important to assess them and then take the necessary action to get your soul fixed (restored). Fortunately you also have full insurance coverage for your life – it’s called your faith. praying handsCall on it and get your soul in for repairs.

If you are a DIY type, you can get out the repair manual (it’s called the Bible) and seek the instructions there to restore your soul. Maybe it will take prayer, maybe doing some service for others, maybe talking it out with you spiritual leader; whatever it takes, don’t put it off. Driving through life with a damaged soul can be dangerous for you and others around you.

So, I’ll probably get my Soul in this week for repairs. While it’s there I’ll have them fix that little ding to the windshield that a rock caused a few weeks back. I’ve been meaning to get to that anyway. As for my soul; I get a weekly check-up (well, OK, almost every week) at church and a daily dose of preventive prayer; and I know who to call upon in case I get a big boo-boo on my soul.

How about you? Have you taken a few hits to the soul that need fixing. Don’t you think your life would be much better if your soul were restored? I have a Great Mechanic that I can recommend.

Have a great week ahead.

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