Last minute Christmas gift idea in the Huron Valley

We are in the final week of the Christmas gift buying season. If you still have some people on your list that you don’t have gifts for this Christmas, here are some great gift ideas. We tend to focus upon giving things, but some of the best gifts that I’ve received in the past involved services rather than goods. These are not things that might come immediately to mind, but which could end up being the best presents that you’ve ever given to someone; and for the most part, you don’t need to worry about wrapping them.

For the younger people on your list, consider giving the gift of a better future by getting themMathnasium_logo signed up for help at the Mathnasium of West Huron Valley located in Milford. Math skills are the absolute base for many good career paths, whether or not the student goes on to college or just joins the workforce out of high school. Modern “common core” curriculums are leaving many student struggling with math, but Jeffery Levine at Mathnasium can get them up to speed give them those competitive skills. Can Mathnasium at 248-676-2971 or go to their web site for more information. This is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

Perhaps your youngster is artistically inclined and needs help and direction to bring out and nurture that skill. You should check out the programs at the Village Fine Arts Associate’s Susan VFAA_logo-2Haskew Art Center (SHAC) at 125 South Main St, Suite 700 in Milford, Michigan 48381. You may be able to sign them up and pre-pay for classes to help develop that latent talent. You can also call or email Andrea Perry, SHAC Director of Development: , 248-797-3060 or Susan Gollon, Milford VFAA Executive Director:, 248-421-3337

For those who need the encouragement, programs and structure of a workout club, I’d recommend the one that I go to – Anytime Fitness of Milford. Located at 141 South Milford Road, Milford, MI 48381 (the old Farmer Jack’s Shopping mall), this Anytime Fitness location has all of the machines and weights and other “stuff” that you need for great workouts, plus a anytimne fitness logogreat staff of personal trainers who can customer tailor a workout program for you. They have a free trial period offer, so that you can see if this is for you. Call Willa Danowski, Club Manager, at 248-685-8373 and arrange a time to go in and talk to her about joining. If you like to workout early in the morning you are likely to see me there most days. Their web site is One nice thing about joining Anytime Fitness is that you can use any club, any time anywhere in the U.S., so you can find a place to work out on vacations.

One of the best gifts that my wife has given me in the last few years was a gift card good for 60
esential massage logominutes of massage at Essential Massage and Wellness Center – 1641 S Milford Rd, Suite B,   Highland, MI 48357. Essential Massage has a number of different types of massage, from relaxation focused sessions to deep muscle pain relief sessions and everything in between. They also have an acupuncturist on staff  who can use that alternative medicine approach to pain relief. You can go on-line to order you gift card or to arrange an appointment or call 248-714-9901 and ask for Tammy or Cindy. Tell them that Norm sent you. I had two wonderful sessions to deal with some pain that I have in my shoulder fro a fall last winter and they both left me feeling great.

A family portrait makes a great gift and is something that most families don’t think of buying for themselves anymore. Call Bill Abram of Memorable Moments Art toll free at 877-640-8150 to set up a session. We still have our family portraits from when our kids were growing up and display them in our home. The grandkids in particular get a kick out of seeing mom or dad as youth. I recommend getting one done every few years, so that you document the family during the grade school, middle school and high school years. They can make great Christmas card material, too.

If you, or someone that you know, struggle with depression this time of year, you may benefit from the advice and tools that Norma Nicholson of Wise Owl Enterprises can equip you (or them)  with to fight off that depression. Norma is an author and private consultant and Wise owl graphic as jpegworkshop facilitator in the area of healing depression the natural way. Give her a call at 248-684-7987 or email to arrange for a confidential consultation. She is in the process of setting up her web site. I will admit that I have not used Norma’s services, but I have known her for quite a while and know that she is a good, honest and caring person who developed many of her techniques and tools as mechanisms for coping with things in her own life. This is another gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

If you have someone that needs help with a fear or phobia or maybe just riding themselves of a nasty habit, call my friend Nichole Merline of MTU Hypnosis at 248-568-0831 or visit her web Nicole Merlinesite at Nicole helps a wide variety of people with issues or problems in their lives that they want o overcome. For the young it may be a fear or test taking or an inability to focus upon studying. For adults there is a wide range of issues that Nicole can help with from fears and phobias to stopping smoking, losing weight or feeling more at ease in social settings. The human mind is a powerful thing and Nicole can help you put yours to work for you, instead of against you.

If you have an elderly parent who has been stubborn about making the transition into a senior living environment, perhaps Julie Haskins-White can help. Julie is the principal in Creative Eldercare Consultants, LLC. Julie may be reached at 800-355-8932 or 248-842-4980. What Julie and staff bring to the process is over 30 years of Senior Care experience and a very deep knowledge of what the alternatives are based upon each unique situation. Julie can work directly with your senior or with the family to assess what the best course of action and placement option might be.

Finally, if you are totally stumped and none of the above seem to fit, go to the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce office at 317 Union Street, Milford, MI 48381 and buy them some Chamber Bucks. Chamber Bucks are cash equivalents which can be used in most local restaurants and many local stores. To see where they are good, click here.

So, I’ve kind of wandered through a variety of gifts for the young and the elders in your life. Most of these aren’t things, they are services (some may result in things, such as the family portrait) that you can buy or pre-pay for someone on your list. Most involve things that they might not do or buy for themselves, but they’ll be glad that you did.  Have a great and Merry Christmas!

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