The great equalizer…

“No matter how big your house is, or your bank account is, our graves will always be the same size.”  (Quoted by Tara)  – as seen on the Jack’s Winning Words blog. Jack went on to write: With all the talk of the 99% and the 1%, the “haves” and the “have-nots,” death is the great equalizer.  Kenny Wayne sings, “I ain’t never seen no hearse pullin’ a U-Haul.”

I was going to use the little phrase, “you can’t take it with you”; but, then I remembered the guy who loved his Mercedes Benz so much that he was buried in it. I guess he did take it with him. I found another story of a man buried in his 1973 Pontiac Catalina. You can watch the video of that here. So, other than maybe your car, I suppose that you could take other things with you when you are buried. I guess the hearse would be the one pulling the U-Haul to the graveyard.

The ancient Pharaohs believed that they could take it with them “to the other side”; sopharoah they arranged to be buried with lots of stuff, including slaves and servants to assist then on the journey. I guess that would have been a great day to stay home from work with you were one of the Pharaoh’s servants.

Jack went on to write about some in the very wealthy class, such as Warren Buffet, coming to grips with the inevitability of death and what to do with their great wealth. Buffet and others, like Microsoft founder Bill Gates, seem to be trying to use their wealth for worthy causes while they are still here to help direct the benevolence. I think that is great. It gets them more involved in the causes that they are supporting than just handing the money over or waiting until they are gone.

While I don’t dwell upon it, I do find that as I get older the thought of death becomes more real. When I was younger, I was like most young people and saw death as something that was so far off in the future that I was unconcerned about it. It now looms close enough to get some thought time every now and then; but, I refuse to fixate upon it. I remember when my father returned from the funeral of his father, how he couldn’t let go of the image of his dad laying in the coffin, with his hands positioned to appear to be pulling up a small blanket. My dad would often sit in his chair with his hands mimicking that pose. I now realize how sad that was.

As for me, I prefer to focus upon living each day to the fullest and finding ways to be of service or to help others. I’m still a working Realtor; so, I don’t even have to say that I’m retired. I’ll likely never really retire. I enjoy taking the time to make posts here and to dogthe other 3-4 blog suites that I post to on a somewhat regular basis. I also maintain four web sites, so there is always something that needs updating to keep me busy. Add to all of that having the greatest wife/companion that one could ask for and two wonderful dogs and I am a rich man indeed.


I guess the positive message for this post is that spending much time worrying about what you don’t have is really a waste, since you can’t take it with you anyway. Rather, spend what time you have here enjoying what you do have with those you love. You and Warren Buffet will end up with the same thing on the other side. Have a great day!

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