Reading the histories of lots of Milfords

Did you ever wonder every now and then about other towns around the world that have the same name as the town that you live in? I do. So below is a collection of links, admittedly hastily compiled,  that will lead you to several other places named Milford. I live in Milford, Michigan; which is a relatively young iteration of Milford, given the oldest Milford on this list goes back to about 500AD in Wales. The newest one on this list is out in Utah. There are several in the New England area, as you might expect. Some of these are fairly dry accounts and some have very rich histories to relate.

The histories of other cities, towns, boroughs and villages called Milford. Arranged generally in chronological order of when the places were established. As one might expect there is a common thread through all of these histories, since all of the locations were on rivers or streams where water power could be used for transportation or harnessed for power.

Milford on the Sea , Wales, United Kingdom –

Southwest Wales, Milford Haven –

Milford, Delaware –

Milford, Massachusetts –

Milford, New Hampshire –

Town of Milford, New York –

Milford, Ohio –

Milford, Pennsylvania –

Milford, New Jersey –  –,_New_Jersey

Milford on the Delaware, New Jersey –

Milford, Maine –

Milford, Michigan –

Milford, Utah –

For much more on the history of Milford, Michigan, please visit our Historical Society web site –


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