Hosed again by my dependence on Microsoft…

I’ve been sitting here all afternoon trying to recover what I can from my wonderful Windows Live Email app that decided that it can no longer see any of my email folders and important business emails. What a waste of time. And when I did a search on my problem the responses usually started with , “Yeah, it happens all the time with Windows Live Mail.”

It is pathetic that we have had PC and PS apps for this long and they still can’t make them stable and reliable enough to use for business. I’m convinced that if I could load Windows and the Microsoft Office suite on the world’s most powerful computer;  that computer would be driven to its knees within minutes and crash minutes later.

I used to get frustrated watching a little hour-glass flip over – over and over – while some bloated Microsoft app started or tried to figure out what to do. So I bought the latest and greatest multi-core system with maxed out memory. Now I get to watch a little circle chase its tail around and around, while some even more bloated and inefficient Microsoft Office app tries to open or figure out what to do. And when it gets really confused it just hangs up and forgets where all of its files are located. TO be fair the latest Adobe Reader app is just as bloated and just as slow. And don’t even get me started on how bad Microsoft’s IE browser is these days.

And before you ask, Yes, I do have a backup…an image back up that I’m confident would work…from a little over a week ago. I was on vacation this week and didn’t get a chance to do one before I left. So, I could recover to that time and then sit here rebuilding all of the work that I’ve done in the interim. That would be a waste of time of a different sort.

What could have caused this? Well I did do a scan and repair sing RegCure Pro, a Microsoft partner just before the Windows Live Mail app got a case of amnesia. I guess that’s not surprising either. Many of the complaints in the various on-line forums talked about this happening right after a Live Update from Microsoft, which has also happened to me.

So, once I get this mess straightened out and best that I can, I’ve got to find a better, more reliable alternative to Windows Live Mail – something not a prone to forgetfulness or crashes. I already have a GMail account, so maybe that’s the answer. I was hoping to have something that would store my email files locally, so that I could work with them off-line, if needed. I’ll have to reconsider whether that is really an advantage or just another point of possible failure.



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