Strong Kids Campaign Kicks off at the Y

Braving the inclement weather a good crowd turned out at the Carl’s Family YMCA this morning for the kick-off breakfast for the 2013 Strong Kids Campaign.


The Strong Kids program uses money collected during the campaign to fund scholarships for children who might not otherwise be able to attend the day camps and other events that the Y runs for children. Programs include swimming, a running club for girls, the day camps, a preschool learning program and more.

Stong Kids handout

The kick-off breakfast at the Y featured former Lion’s quarterback Eric Hipple as the speaker. Eric delivered an inspiring talk about the impact of the YMCA on his life and on its strong influence on his moral values. His message was about the influence of having connections to loved ones and the community as anchors to good mental health and how programs like Strong Kids help build those connections.

Speaker Eric Hipple


The Strong Kids campaign has four phases – a phase for staff giving, a phase for giving by the Y Board, a phase for giving by major donors and a phase for giving by the community. The first three phases were successful and helped raise over half of this year’s goal. Now it’s our turn in the community to support this great program with our giving. The pledge card is shown above as part of the campaign brochure. You may download it for print out by clicking here.

I support this cause and urge you to find a few extra dollars to support it too. Strong Kids make for strong adults.



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