Join the First Chair Club

Join the First Chair Club and support this wonderful community project. Many people who live in Milford, Michigan know that there is a project underway right now to raise funds to create a new amphitheater facility in Central Park. The fund-raising for the project is being headed up by a group made up of the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce (HVCC), the Rotary Club and The Milford Downtown Development Authority (DDA).  The Milford Historical Society is also involved through it’s role with the Pettibone Creek Powerhouse, which the Society rescued and restored.

The AMP project as it has been named includes the creation of an amphitheater with a permanent stage for events such as the summer Concerts in the Park series and other events. Also included in the project is the construction of permanent bathroom facilities for the park, to replace the Port-a-Potties now used. For more on the design and the overall project click here.

One fund raising effort is called the “First Chair Club”. This is a donation program for those able to contribute $1,000 towards the project. Those donars with be special guests at the inaugural event at the new facilities – they will have the “first chairs” at that event, which is scheduled for May 20, if all of the money for the project is collected by then. Click here to see the poster full size.

1st Chair CLub Poster

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