Icy Fun Day at Kensington Metropark

Wow, kids, what fun! Today in Kensington Metropark you can explore the exciting world of ice fishing and see how the ice was harvested for use around the turn of the century.ice fishing

I’ll bet dad would love to take you ice fishing today. Mom might love that, too. Explore the thrill of sitting on a frozen lake for hours looking into a small hole in the ice. Feel the exhilaration of catching and  pulling your first 5-inch long pan fish out through that hole. Maybe mom will cook up your catch for dinner tonight.

After that maybe you can go watch the ice harvesting demonstration and see how the lake ice was sawed out and hauled away to coolers in the winter. Maybe you can pull a block of ice off the lake and take home an ice-cube of your own to store in your freezer at home.

For the times and any costs involved see the Upcoming Community Events calendar at www.movetomilford.com and remember that if you are over 17, you’ll need a fishing license to join dad out on the ice. Tell dad to bring money, since there is a cost of $5 for each person fishing. He might want to bring some hot cocoa, too. Be sure to bundle up, because it’s cold out there on the ice.

You and dad are sure to have lots to talk about. Maybe he’ll tell you about when his dad took him out ice fishing. Just don’t believe the story when he tells you about the three-foot long fish he caught that day.

Have a happy, icy day at Kensington Metropark.

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