Great Mobile Apps for House Hunters…

If you are a house hunter and have an iPhone you really should have this app. It’s a free mobile app from Real Estate One that is GPS enabled and map based, and shows you all of the houses that are for sale in the immediate area around your current location. In fact you can expand the search area using the normal iPhone touch motions that you use to zoom in or out. You can also pan around the area to change from your current location to anywhere else. It’s fun to use and quite informative.

The app shows you a little real estate sign with the price of the listing on it. If you touch the sign it give you more information, such as the number of bedrooms and baths and square footage.  You can then choose to expand the information that is available about the house, including its listing picture and listing information. Going even deeper there is information available about the taxes, the room sizes and more – everything that you could get sitting at a PC and signed on the Multi-list service. Remember however that this app is for MIchigan-based listings only, since Real Estate One is a Michigan-only company.

You can get this app at or you can go to my mobile web site on your iPhone and download it from the home page choice there. If you like to be aware of things while you’re on the go, this is a must have app. If you don’t have an iPhone Real Estate One also has an Android version available at    For phones that don’t support either the iPhone or Android versions there is mobile version of Real Estate One’s standard criteria-based web search that will within a browser on most smartphone. It is at That app is also accessible from my Move to Milford mobile web site.

Below is a video that was created by Scott Gaffen of REal Estate One and appeared on his blog, Scott’s Tech Tips about these apps.



As always, if you need help with your search or you want to go see one of the houses that you’ve found using these apps and you’re not already signed up with another agent, give me a call – 248-763-2497 – and I’ll set up an appointment. I won’t force you into signing some Exclusive Agent agreement with me; I use an agreement that is only for the homes that I show you and allow you the freedom to use other agents if you choose to see other houses. Of course, I hope that you’ll find my service to be such that you won’t want to use other agents; but at least you’re not locked in.

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