Was that my last watch?

I’ve gone through a number of watches in my life, most of them relatively inexpensive (one could say cheap, but how crass is that) watches from Timex and the latest from Gruen. The newest watch, the Gruen, was I believe about $30 at Kohl’s. It has a Quartz-based time-keeping mechanism, so I assumed ti was fairly accurate. It seemed to be while it lasted.

The watch is still ticking away accurately but the cheap expansion band that it came with has broken. At $29 for the whole thing, it is likely not worth trying to get the band repaired and I’ve started thinking maybe this is the time (no pun intended, although hat was a good inadvertent one) to get rid of wrist watches for good.

Almost no one younger than 20-25 wears a watch anymore. They look at their phone instead. Modern smartphone, and for that matter almost all phones these days, have the time displayed when they are in idle mode. So not only do modern kids do everything on importance to them through their phones, they also use it in place of a watch.

So, now I’m faced with the dilemma of what to do about telling me the time. I almost always have my phone with me; so checking it will give me that information; however, I find myself constantly checking my non-blank wrist to see what time it is. Old habits like that die hard.

I may just have to break another old habit and move along with the tide of the 21st Century. I’ll let you know if I can get along without my wristwatch. Hey, by the way , do you know what time it is?

One Response to Was that my last watch?

  1. normwerner says:

    It turns out that I just couldn’t break the habit of looking at my wrist for the time, so I fished out my old faithful Timex (which still had the accurate time on it) that I had retired because it needs a new crown and put it on. I’ll see if I can get the watchband fixed on my newer watch, but I’ve got to have a watch!

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