Get help for your parties

We’re entering the heavy party season, which will last right through New Year’s Day. I recall when I used to party hardy, but now I hardly party. Some of that is because of the work involved in throwing a party and some due to concerns about getting a ticket (and heaven forbid a DUI) for driving home after a few too many.

As a service to my Web site visitors (and to my readers here), I have posted some Seasonal Business Referrals on my Move to Milford Web site. Check them out if you need help throwing a great party that everyone can enjoy without worrying.

As you are planning your party you will probably come up with a list of things that you need, but don’t have – extra tables and chairs and other things that you really only need once for the party. Don’t run out and buy anything. Call Paula Phaneuf at Uncle Buck’s Party Rental – 248-666-5432 or visit them on the Web at and rent it for the night. There’s probably not anything that you need that Paula can’t supply to make it a memorable party.

The first is for a local catering service – Two Women and a Tray. Milford-based  Wendy Brown can not only cater the food for your party, but she can also supply servers, if needed. Check the company out at  You can relax and have a great party if you don’t have to worry about the food.

Contact Wendy at 248-894-0531 or email her at

Another great touch to add class to a party and some peace of mind is to have a SafeServ certified bartender to serve your guests and keep and eye out for someone who is having too much. Heather Marquis is a professional (and Michigan ServeSafe Certified) bartender who will bring that little extra to your party. She can mix up specialty cocktails or just be there to serve your guests beer and wine – all with a smile that will light up the room.

You can reach Heather on her Web site – or on Facebook at or call her at (248) 242-3887

The final service that you may wish to consider or recommend to friends involves the driving home part. No one wants to get pulled over and perhaps get a DUI ticket on their record. The local business SnowBird Drivers has a service that provides drivers for the night. Snowbird Drivers was co-founded by George Hayden and Rick Tymoc originally to provide the service of driving people’s cars to Florida or other warm climes in the winter. They have since added quite a few services, including fleet car moves and this designated driver service. They use you car and basically drive you to and from the party. They don’t go to the party and don’t drink while on duty, so you get a sober driver to make sure that you get home safely. The cost is certainly less than what a DUI will cost you. Call 248-381-4099 or Toll Free: 866-381-4099.

So, get out of your hardly party rut and party hardy again! With the help of these folks you can relax and enjoy your party as much as your guests do.


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