Some things that amuse or interest me…

I think of lots of little things that I find amusing or interesting, but which wouldn’t, in and of themselves, justify a blog post. So, today I collected a bunch of them under the heading of a bit of this and that.

An Andy Rooney/George Carlin kind of morning…

Two people now passed that I enjoyed were Andy Rooney and George Carlin. Both had fun with words and our language. Andy used to go off on those “Did you ever notice…” riffs and George could make a single word the subject of 3-5 minutes of a comedy routine, although later in his career he seemed obsessed with just dirty words.

So, recently I was having sort of and Andy & George moment and I wondered how does one re-gruntle someone who has become disgruntled? I mean you can work with someone who has become disenchanted and perhaps re-enchant them, maybe on some enchanted evening; perhaps when you see a stranger; but what do you do with a disgruntled person to re-gruntle them?

And did you ever notice that you can help someone who is disorganized regain control and get some organization back in their lives; and often when someone becomes disoriented it just a matter of helping them stop and take a breath and think about where they are to help them reorient themselves. But, what of someone who becomes discombobulated? How does one go about re-combobulating that poor individual and how would one gauge when the combobulation process was done.

Of course one wouldn’t just replace someone who had been displaced, because the original person might then become misplaced; but we won’t go there.

“There is no Someday in the calendar.” (Ignacio)  from the blog Jack’s Winning Words

Jack went on to write about not putting off your dreams until Someday. I’d probably add that although there’s no Someday on the calendar it does have tomorrows aplenty and we all have a tendency to put off until tomorrow what we should do today. Do you have dreams that you’d like to get to someday but keep putting off until tomorrow?

The AARP-a-rtia…

We have a tequila bar in town – Tequilaritas – which has many different kinds of tequila on display and which features lots of special margarita drinks. I was there last week and got to thinking that, since I’m a senior they ought to have a margarita that is specially made for seniors. So I suggest the AARP-a-rita.

The receipe is as follows:

1 shot of tequila (take you pick of the huge selection)

1 shot of lime juice

3 shots of Ensure Clear

And  a dash of Metamucil (just to be sure)

Rim the glass with crushed Zantac


Down a couple of these and you’ll be happy, healthy and regular again, with no worries about heartburn later.

Finally, there’s been an ad running on TV lately for one of those testosterone replacement products for men, the kind where they ward women and especially women who may become pregnant not to touch the area where the product is applied, because it might cause unwanted hair to grow on the person doing the touching or cause other bad health problems. The ad ends with a slow pan from the waist up of the actress who is playing the wife of the man, who has applied the product; who is now shown in the background as the epitome of a viral male. I always think when I see that ad that it would be a hoot to see a bearded lady when the camera pans up. Well, oops!

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  1. Domingo says:

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter
    to be really something that I think I would never understand.

    It seems too complex and extremely broad for me.
    I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

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