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I have a section on my web site in which I feature local businesses. These are usually businesses that I’ve used or who are in my Chamber of Commerce Referral Network and about which I’ve heard good things. I thought I’d also feature them here, starting with this months Featured Business –

There is a point in the growth of every successful small business where “winging it” just doesn’t work anymore, especially where the business’ computers are concerned. It may be when the network outgrown that first router or when you have to add your first or second server.

It’s that tipping point in the life of a company at which things get a bit too complicated for even the most tech-savvy, do-it-yourself small business owner. It’s also at that point where your collection of computers crosses over into becoming your IT (Information Technology) Department.  That’s the point at which the business owner is crossing over from just being self-employed to becoming a true entrepreneur. That’s the point when having some kid or local geek just won’t hack it any long; that’s when you’ll need Alliance Computer Services.

Ryan & Julie Ryszka are the principals and driving force behind Alliance Computer Services (ACS). They met at Central Michigan University where Ryan obtained a double major degree BS & BA in Management Information Systems. Ryan worked in Corporate IT jobs for 7 years after graduating in 1999, before deciding to become an entrepreneur himself. Julie, who had also worked in the corporate world but who dropped out to have children joined him in launching the company. Ryan opened Alliance Computer Services full-time in 2007. In Oakland County ACS serves the Huron Valley area plus the northeastern part of Livingston County .

A cornerstone of the organization may be found in the name.  ACS has a large virtual team of technicians and IT specialists with whom they have alliance relationships. Those relationships allow them to quickly put together and deploy the right technology assets to tackle any customer project.  Ryan usually handles the client assessment and leads the solution design team. He also oversees (and may be a part of or lead) the solution implementation team. In any case the job isn’t done until both Ryan and you say it’s done and done right.

ACS focuses on small businesses, usually between 10-50 employees. ACS has specific skills in Web design and development, IT architecture planning and implementation, network planning and implementation and IT application selection, implementation and tuning. They also have skills in helping companies take advantage of the latest technologies like “cloud computing”, mobile computing and business intelligence. There are Microsoft Certified technicians on staff for most of the Microsoft infrastructure products that small businesses use.

For a full look at all of the services that ACS can deliver you’ll need to go to their web site – Whether you are that small business that is just crossing the threshold into needing help with your IT needs or an established business that just wants to try something new in IT for which you may not have the IT talent on staff, let ACS do an assessment of your needs and help you be successful.

Ryan likes to use the catch-phrase “Why hire a geek when you can get an expert.”  That’s particularly true once you’ve outgrown the geek stage in your business. Call them today for a free assessment – 248-714-5369. Tell them you read about them on Norm’s Milford Blog.

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