Don’t delay, time doesn’t wait for you…

“You may delay, but time will not.” (Ben Franklin) from the Jack’s Winning Words blog.

Procrastination is an all too common human tendency. The ability to convince ourselves that we’ll get to something later is way too easy and all too convenient. Unfortunately, so is the resulting cases of “coulda, woulda, shouldas” that tend to follow. You coulda taken the time to call that expired listing and you woulda gone and knocked on the door of that FSBO, ‘cause you know that you shoulda been doing more prospecting all along.

Procrastination is one of the biggest issues that I have to face every day. It is just so easy to convince myself that sitting here writing a blog post is a better use f my time than prospecting – or at least it feels better. And at the end of each day, there are things that I can look back and say to myself,” I shoulda gotten to that, maybe tomorrow.”  I’m gonna work on that tomorrow.

Some of the biggest regrets that many people have revolve around things they put off doing – visiting that sick relative or friend before they passed away or perhaps not taking some action to stop or prevent some neglect or abuse before it was too late. Many people look back over their lives and feel regret for not having been more generous or more involved with charitable works. Some feel remorse for relationships gone bad that might have been saved by timely action. Because of a fifty year celebration that I missed, I recently learned how many of my old classmates from high school are already gone and regretted not having made the effort to stay in touch somehow.

Time marches on with our without us in tow. Things don’t stop happening just because you hesitate or delay; they just happen without you. Potential clients will buy goods or services from someone else, whether you call on them or not. Not calling just assures you another coulda, woulda, shoulda moment. So don’t delay. Make the calls today and you’ll always have plenty of things to do tomorrow. And in your personal life, don’t wait to call that old friend or relative until you get word that it’s too late. You can’t really talk to a memory – call today.

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