You haven’t lived in Milford until…

You’ve seen the waterfalls of Milford. Yes the plural is correct. There are at least two waterfalls in the Village of Milford. The most obvious and best known waterfall is now called the Mill Valley Falls, which is located behind the Mill Valley Strip Mall on Main street right where it branches off into Main street to the north and N. Milford Rd to the northwest (at the Flatiron Building with the waterwheel and geese statue).

Thousands of cars a day pass by the Upper Mill Pond just north of the Mill Valley complex and see the Upper Mill Pond. I’m sure that they wonder where the water goes. They can actually see the top of the falls at the south end of the pond as they pass by; however, I wonder how many have actually seen the falls. It is now quite beautiful, due to the efforts of the Mill Valley owners, who spend quite a bit to have it totally landscaped and a new stairway to the top installed. There are little seating areas along the path to the top and an area to sit and listen to the falls at the top too.  It’s really quite soothing to sit there and listen to the water falling over the concrete stepped falls. This falls is about 20-30’ in height, so the water has some force behind it. After heavy storms and during the spring thaw the water flow can be quite rapid and the falls become almost a raging torrent. It has a pretty good waterfall roar almost all the time.

The other waterfall within the Village is not nearly so dramatic. In fact it is so peaceful and pleasant that it is one of those places that you just want to lay out a blanket and take a nap. It is off lower Mill Pond, next to the Pettibone Creek Powerhouse. You can’t really get to this falls, but you can get close enough to see it and hear it. You can either go in through Central Park (to the upper parking lot) or come in off W. Liberty, which is reached from Commerce by turning left (South) onto Cabinet St at the entrance to the Prospect Hill shopping center (The Kroger Shopping Center) and then east on W. Liberty until you get to the Pettibone Creek Powerhouse (itself to be the topic of another of these missives). The Lower Mill Pond Falls is right next to the Powerhouse, on the west side. It is probably only a 10 foot drop. But is makes a nice sound and is quite pleasant sit and watch and listen too.

So, there you have the waterfalls of Milford. If you haven’t ever taken the time to go behind the Mill Valley Center, to the lower level, or deep into Central Park to the Power house, then you haven’t really lived in Milford. Take the time to go find these wonderful little places and enjoy them. Take the whole family. Kids love waterfalls.

Next time I’ll talk about the Pettibone Creek Powerhouse, which you will see, if you visit the Lower Mill Pnd waterfall.

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