Dealing with life’s risks…

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute for experience.” (Paulo Coelho) from the Jack’s Winning Words blog.

Many of us are risk averse, we just don’t like getting outside of our comfort zone and trying new things that we see as risky. The risk may be physical danger (like in sky diving) or perhaps the chance for social embarrassment (talking to people at a party) or maybe the risk of failure (calling on that FSBO or expired listing) and loss of self-esteem.  For some there is a perceived risk in blogging – what shall I write about and how will people react to it? Whatever the perceived risks, the avoidance of doing something because of those risks means that you have also missed the opportunity for new experiences. In those cases you end up with regrets instead of experiences.

It is the accumulation of experiences and the intelligence to understand what they mean that leads to wisdom. So, one can end up as a wise old man or an old fool with lots of regrets just by making the decisions not to take risks. The end game is still the same, whether you live life to the fullest and take some risks along the way or cautiously avoid all risks along the way. What do you do when faced with a risk in life?

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