Le Rendez Vous Ribbon Cutting…

I went to the Ribbon Cutting ceremony held by the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerc at Le Rendez Vous Wednesday afternoon. Owner Donna Rizk laid out quite a spread for the group that gathered to welcome her to the business community. Treats included roll-up slices of some of her lunch crepes, as well as dessert crepe roll-ups, cupcakes, creampuffs and delicious little petit fours. I’m sure that each delightful treat has a French name that sounds better than how just described them; but, they were all great and that’s what really counts. You really must try Le Rendez Vous for lunch or a brunch sometime.

I’ll be featuring Donna and the bakery/restaurant in a future Featured Business posting. Donna is a French ex-patriot who’s been in the U.S. since about 2005. She brought her love of baking with her and had done quite a bit of  customer order baking for weddings, birthdays and other special events before she decided to open her own place. Le Rendez Vous is located on the south in of the main downtown Milford area at 239 N. Main St. The building has housed a number of businesses, most recently The Sweet Life Bakery. The current set up has the bakery shop in the back of the building (accessed through a side door) and the creperie/restaurant in the front.

So if you’re planning to be in Milford to do a little shopping at one of our fine downtown stores plan on stopping for lunch at Le Rendez Vous. You won’t be sorry. I’ll be you end up taking home a bag of goodies from the bakery, too.

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