Help needed for playground equipment

New playground equipment

In this era of budget cuts and teacher layoffs it is tougher than ever to get funding for things that are considered non-essential – like a place for kids to play safely while on recess.

That’s why the parents and teachers in the PTA at Kurtz Elementary have taken on the project to raise money for new playground equipment to replace the old and non-code compliant equipment that is there now.

The group is asking individuals and local businesses to donate and is promising to place an engraved brick into the hardscape that will  pave the way to the new playground.  For more information on how you can donate to this cause click here. Get your brick on the Kutz walk of fame.

It may seem to some not be as worthy a cause as many other appeals that are in the news these days, but providing the necessary environment to let kids be kids while they are at this level in school is as important as any other aspect of their educational process. They’ll grown up and grow out of the need to play with abandon soon enough. For now, please help the Kurtz PTA and let the kids play.

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