There’s still time to volunteer for Milford Memories

July 19, 2012

My wife and I signed up as volunteers for the Milford Memories Festival yesterday. We’ll be doing duty on Sunday morning, August 12. There are still slots open for more volunteers on all three days – Aug 10 thru 12. An event like Milford Memories couldn’t be pulled off every year with a legion of volunteers. Just like a major golf tournament, such as the USGA Senior Open out in Orion, had hundreds of volunteers for crowd control and other tasks, the Milford Memories Festival  uses hundreds of volunteers over the three days for things ranging from street patrol to insure that restricted parking areas are honored, to emptying the many waste containers that are placed around the festival grounds to shuttling people around the grounds.

Last year my wife and I manned one of the Information Booths on behalf of the Milford Historical Society. We answered questions from festival goers and sold a few of the Historical Society books about Milford’s history. This year the Historical Society will have tents set up on the Museum lawn – one to sell those same books and other items that the Society offers and the other will house a display of the local Native American artifacts that one of our members, Bill Schimmel, had collected. Bill passed away this year while working on a book about Chief Tipsico, a local tribal chief for which Tipsico Lake was named. There will also be a Granny’s Garage Sale going on at the Museum during the festival. We hope to have the Museum open during the festival, if we can get enough volunteers to be docents for all three days.

There are still many volunteer slots to be filled, so stop by the Chamber of Commerce office and pick up a Volunteer form (or click here to download it) and choose what you’d like to do to help. As a volunteer you’ll get a spiffy T-shirt to wear (and keep) that identifies you as festival volunteer staff, but more importantly you’ll get the satisfaction of being an inside part of Milford’s premier annual event. It’s sort of our little microcosm of events like the Olympics or the Super Bowl. The festival attracts 10’s of thousands of visitors over the three days and you could be an important part of the impression that Milford makes on all of those visitors. Make a difference- Volunteer!