A relationship based upon unconditional love…

June 11, 2018

In today’s post to his blog, Jack’s Winning Words, Jack Freed uses this quote – “Every time God forgives us, God is saying that God’s own rules do not matter as much as the relationship that God wants to create with us.”  (Richard Rohr)

Jack went on to talk about that relationship and referenced John 3:16 as the answer – “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  Which is followed in John 13 by, “Love each other as I have loved you.”

So, the relationship that God wants with us is one of unconditional love. Out of unconditional love for God will come love for one another, too. God is saying that he will love and forgive us, no matter what and what he asks in return is that we show Him the same unconditional love through our belief and trust in Him.

The unconditional love that God wants begins by lowering our shields of disbelief orjesus-as-light cynicism and accepting God into our hearts. The doorway to that belief and unconditional love He has offered to us is in the form of His Son Jesus. If we believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior, then we believe in God and He will accept us and forgive us all of our sins.

The roadblock to using that doorway and having that relationship with God is usually our own ego. Our sense of self and independence is strong and the need to let go of that and to surrender our concept of self to an unconditional trust in and love of God is the last big step to achieving the relationship that God wants with us.

That last step is a scary step that requires faith. If you saw the Eddie Murphy film “The Golden Child”, there was a scene as he was retrieving the magic knife from an underground cavern where he was faced with stepping off into space with the belief that he would not plunge to his death, taking this last step in your relationship with God can gods-hands-2feel like that – it is a step (some might use the term leap) of faith.

When you can take that last step (leap) of faith and embrace the concept of a bi-directional and unconditional love of God, you will finally achieve the relationship with God that He wants and which you have been seeking. You have to let go of “me” and embrace the concept of “We”. God will take care of the rest.

Have a great and blessed week ahead.

A mother’s unconditional love…

July 25, 2015

“And she loved a little boy – even more than she loved herself” – Brooke  Bushuiakovish

That little quote is all over Pinterest and I see it on a sign in the yard of a neighbor when I walk my dogs. It has to be about a mother’s love for her little boy (or children in general). I was reminded how strong that love that a mother can have for her children in a conversation with my wife not too long ago. I forget what sparked the mother and babydiscussion, perhaps a story on the nightly news; but, I made the comment to my wife that the loss of a spouse must be the most painful loss that a person could suffer. Her reply initially surprised me, but in retrospect makes a lot of sense.

She said that for her the loss of one of our children would be the worst thing. When I asked her why she thought that way; her reply was very honest and logical. She said, “Well I expect you to die someday; but, I don’t expect any of my children to die while I’m alive.” Underlying that statement was the love of a mother for her children that most men (fathers) probably don’t understand. There is a bond of unconditional love that begins in the womb that is even stronger that the bonds of marriage.

There are few (yes there are some) examples in the animal kingdom of offspring being cared for from birth by the male of the species; however, for the most part the males are out doing other things while the females are carrying the babies and after their birth. In fact, there are many examples where the female must guard her children against attack by their own fathers. Unfortunately we have examples of that as humans, too.mother and children

So, I have accepted the fact that in the hierarchy of devoted love, I rank below our children. I love them, too; but, admittedly will never know or have the level of love for them that their mother has. Sitting in the waiting room for hours when they were born doesn’t quite measure up to carrying them for 9 months and I understand that. For she loves her little boy and her little girl more than she loves herself; and oh, yeah, she loves that guy over there, too, almost as much.

Have a great weekend.