Don’t just get wet; sing in the rain…

August 26, 2014

Reposted from the Jack’s Winning Words blog – “Some people walk in the rain.  Others just get wet.”  (Roger Miller)  Go to YouTube and watch Gene Kelly do “Singing In The Rain.”  It’s a perfect example of being in the rain and not caring about getting wet.  The resilience of some people is amazing.  Even with the bad “raining down” upon them, they can see the good.  Do you know anyone like that?  They are an inspiration, aren’t they?    😉  Jack

rainyA little rain comes into all of our lives, sometimes in buckets, and we all have the choice of how to react. You often see the sad, shocked and tearful reactions to bad events on the news, because the media believes that we want to see people suffering misery and not people coping in a positive way. It is often hard to find anything positive in a bad situation that has just occurred and the media doesn’t help by shoving microphones in the faces of the people involved and asking how they feel about what just happened.

Sometime later the media may go back and find those same people in a more upbeat mood, now able to find or see the good that was there all along. Many times that “goodness” has to do with the realization that much of the loss in natural disasters is just about material things and the things that really matter the people in their lives are still with them. Other times, when someone has left our lives due to a lady under clouddeath, it is the shift from the shock of their death to the celebration of the life that was lived while that person was alive.

Of course, situations that might “dampen our spirits” aren’t always about disaster or the loss of a loved one. The rain in our lives may come in many forms – our team losing an important game, getting turned down for a hoped for date, facing an unexpected bill for a home or car repair; the list goes on. Life throws a little rain in here and there all the time. How do you react to the rain in your life? Do you find a way to sing in the rain or do you become a “gloomy Gus” and mope around? Do you look for the silver lining or the rainbow in things or let those things
overwhelm you and drag you down?  Try to be a little more like Gene Kelly and find things to sing about when life rainbowhands you a rainy day.

Happy people tend to be healthy people. There are tons of studies that have been done about the positive health effects of being able to cope with adversity by “singing in the rain” (figuratively speaking). People who have that natural tendency seem to always be happy (much to the annoyance of some people who are usually unhappy) and healthy. For those of us for whom it is not our initial reaction to sing in the rain, it is a trait worth working on developing. Maybe you have to stop and make a conscious effort to find a positive note, happy thought or some other way to overcome the urge to slip into glum; but, just making that effort is a great way to stop the slide into despair or depression.  It stops you from just getting wet.

A little trick that I use sometimes is having a little tune to call up in your head (singing in the rain) that can help you refocus away from thinking about the trouble at hand.  There are two or three little songs that we sing in happy in rain
church every week during the service that are easy to remember and once started will bounce around in my mind for hours. I call them up as a distraction when I need to sing in the rain. What songs do you have that you could call upon?

Have a bright and happy day; but, if some rain enters your day today, don’t get wet; find your song and sing in the rain.