Take time to say, Hi…

August 25, 2014

Jack’s post today in the Jack’s Winning Words blog – “Today, why don’t you look up and say: ‘Hi, God!’”  (Noodles du Jour). Jack went on to write –One thing I like about Tevye (the Fiddler) is how he talks to God.  It’s like conversing with a good friend.  “Am I bothering you too much?”

My wife and I went to Stratford, Ontario to see Fiddler on the Roof last summer; an enjoyable day trip and a wonderful musical. We returned this summer to see Man of La Mancha, another great musical; although both have sad endings, as did Camelot two summers ago. If you live within driving distance to Stratford, Ontario,  I’d recommend it. We always spend the rest of the day and the night in Canada, which makes it feel like a mini-vacation. Maybe next year we’ll find a musical that has a happy ending.

tipping hatYou might also find value in a somewhat shortened and more secular version of Jack’s little quote – “Today, why don’t you look up and say: “Hi.” Just say, “Hi”, to the people that you meet. You’d be surprised how many people for whom this simple act of acknowledgement is a very powerful and positive start to their day. Too many of us don’t look up. We are busy these days staring at the screens on our smartphones (phones which have had the unintended effect of numbing our interpersonal skills), as if somehow the world and what is going on around us can be found on that tiny screen. We may be in the process of texting a reply to those seemingly important questions, “? r u” or “? r u doing?” Instead, why don’t you look up and say, Hi!

You might be one of those people for who taking the initiative to say,” Hi”, is difficult; I know that I am. I think it was the old “don’t speak unless you’re spoken to” thing that I got at home as a kid that might have caused that and it is something that I have to work at to overcome. I have discovered that most people will respond to a friendlyfriends at school greeting of, “Hi, how are you?” and sometimes even stop to chat. You can meet lots of interesting people that way; some may even become friends. So, today, take the time and make the effort to look up and say, Hi!

There was a story in the news this weekend about a mentoring program within a local school district to make incoming high school freshmen feel more welcome and help them get acclimated to the new surroundings. What a great idea and one that the school reports has had a very positive impact on their student body. The story related that the benefits of the program were felt by all of the parties involved, both the mentored and their mentors. If you don’t have such a program in place in your school, just take the initiative to seek out those incoming students wandering the halls with that “deer in the headlights” look and stop them to say, Hi. Introduce yourself and ask them if you can help them locate anything or answer any questions that they may have. They’ll be relieved that anyone from the upper classes even talked to them and you’ll feel better that you’ve done the right thing; because you stopped and took the time to say, Hi.

cheering upOf course, on a Monday you also have the built-in conversation starter, “How was your weekend?” Everyone likes to talk about themselves and what they did or maybe what they did with family over the weekend. You may discover a lot about that person just in hearing about their weekend activities; and, of course, they’ll want to know about your activities, too. So, there you go. You’ve started a new relationship and maybe even a new friendship, all because you took the time to look up and say, Hi.

And if you happen to look up a little higher, you may notice that God is looking back and He is smiling. Have a great week and if you see me on the streets, stop me and say, Hi.