Keep track of the right things…

December 19, 2015

“Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms.”  (Alyssa Knight – Age 12

That little saying is sort of a take-off on an older saying, “count your blessings and not your problems”; which I could not find an attribution for, although it has been used by many writers. As I looked through many of the quotes that are similar or in which the count your blessings quote was used, it became obvious that the overriding theme ill windis to be thankful for the things that we have – the blessings that we have received – and not to focus upon the thunderstorms of life, the trials and tribulations that we may have been through. A point well taken is that we are through those thunderstorms, still standing, and able to see the rainbow on the other side.

Sometimes when we have experienced saddening events, like the loss of a loved one; we wander off into the weeds for a while and focus upon the darkness of the thunderstorms, on our grief, and on our sense of loss. We allow our troubled ego’s to ask the question of God, “Why have you done this tomemories of the lost me?” It’s as if the death of someone else was purposely allowed to happen just to cause us pain. We may doubt God or question our faith during such times.

How can you find the
rainbows in such a situation? They are there, in the back of your mind if you just look for them. They are the memories of the good times shared with that person. They are the visions that you can conjure up and appreciate of a long life well lived or an all-too-short life that was enjoyed in what time was allotted. The rainbows flow out of your memories of the smiles of those who are no longer here but who will never leave you.

So, remember and count those rainbows, rather than focusing on the pain of their loss. If it might help to be with others who have gone through similar things and who are also seeking God’s help in dealing with it, the Milford United Methodist Church (MUNC) in Milford is holding a Blue Christmas service on Monday, December 21.  The MUMC is located at 1200 Atlantic Street in Milford. Remember that rainbows are formed when the sun shines through drops of water. Let the Son shine through your tears and see the rainbow that only He can create.

For some, their time is ill spent coveting what others have, which they do not. Focusing upon what one does not have instead of enjoying and being thankful for what we do have is not a path that leads to peace and joy. It’si want certainly OK to have goals and aspirations in life and some of those may involve getting to a position where you can have certain things that you don’t now have, for instance a first home or a new car; however, not having those things right now should not be considered to be a problem or thunderstorm in your life. Rather they represent rainbows that you haven’t gotten to yet. Focus on the persistence and perseverance that you need and keep a positive attitude and you will one day see those rainbows, too.
Along the way to achieving your goals, just continue to be thankful for the
things that you do have and content with where you are at in thrainbowat moment in your life. Remember what Clint Eastwood said, that sounds a lot like a line from one of his Dirty Harry movies – “Tomorrow is promised to no one.” Be thankful for the rainbows that you already
have in your life. And, if you get the chance, do the things that will make your memory a rainbow in someone else’s life. Have a great weekend.