The best way out…

June 6, 2022

It sometimes seems like we are always looking for a way out of whatever unexpected circumstances we may find ourselves in. Usually this involves avoiding the obvious way forward – straight through. We expend a great deal of mental energy trying to find a way that will void any real or imagined pain or to shorten the duration of that pain.

Life can feel like this sometimes

The reality in most instances is that we are just wasting time and, in fact, lengthening the time that it will take to get through the situation. That is the message in the graphic. There is, really, only one way forward and that is to go through whatever we are facing. It might be an uncomfortable personal situation, such as breaking up with someone or maybe leaving a steady, if unsatisfying job to pursue other ways to achieve your dreams. Whatever is facing you today, don’t waste your time looking for a way out – just get through it.

Some people pray for God to take away the situation at hand, but the more realistic prayer should be for God’s help to get through it. Pastor Freed, in his blog Jack’s Winning Words, today used this quote from Malcolm Boyd – “Are you running with me, Jesus?”  That was also the title of a 1960’s book of informal prayers by Boyd. Freed made the point that we don’t need long, flowery “church prayers” in order to ask for God’s help. I’ve opined here in the past that I find comfort in the little prayer, “Not my will, but thy will be done” quite often. I also wrote that something as simple as the sports saying, “A little help here God”, is just as effective if you have paused to earnestly address it to God.

The best way out is through and the best way through any situation is with God’s help. So, start your day and the week by being sure that you know the answer to Boyd’s question – Are you running with me Jesus?

“Ask and you shall receive”, – Matthew 7:7. Ask for God’s help to get through…it is the best way out.

Do you deserve it?

June 29, 2021

Yesterday I wrote about the journey towards a goal or dream being as important as actually achieving it. Later in the day, I saw this quote – “Deserve your dream.”  – Octavio Pas

That simple three-word quote has tremendous power when you think about it. It also ties in nicely with the previous day’s quote. The truth is that some people do “luck” into their dream, or at least what seems like a dream. It would be hard to say that a Lotto winner deserved that dream. It was pure luck.

Most of us have to work for our dreams…we have to take the journey to get to the dream. For many that involves hard work, long hours, and personal sacrifices. When they finally get there, they deserve their dream…they have earned it.

For some, a dream may become just something that we continually think or fantasize about, but don’t really do anything to achieve. They don’t get their dream because they really don’t deserve it…they didn’t work for it.

Some people spend their entire life making up excuses for themselves and for others to hear about why they haven’t achieved their dreams. For them life is a giant conspiracy theory bent on holding them back from their dreams. They have focused all of their energy on the excuses instead of taking any positive steps towards achieving those dreams. These are people to be avoided.

Some confuse deserving a dream with entitlement to that dream. We often hear people shouting on news casts that they have a “right” to this or that. Many times, those things that they say they “deserve” are not rights at all, but privileges that others work for or work to pay for. What they deserve is the equal opportunity to realize those dreams or goals. What they are really facing in many cases is systemic roadblocks to those opportunities. Martin Luther King’s dream was to achieve a world were the roadblocks of systemic racism were removed.

Some people may pray for God’s help in achieving their dream; however, many do not pray for the right thing. I like a quote from Bruce Lee that I saw recently – “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” Too many people pray for God to make their dream come true. That is not how God works. Pray instead for God to give you the perseverance and strength to keep progressing towards your dream.

So ask yourself, the next time your dream comes to mind, “What am I doing to achieve it? What steps have I taken to realize that dream?” If you have no good answers to those questions, then place that dream aside with other fantasies and get on with life. You don’t deserve it.

Deserve your dream.