Enjoy these moments…

December 25, 2021

Today seems like a good time to use this quote from Joan Didion – “In theory mementos serve to bring back the moment. In fact, they serve only to make clear how inadequately I appreciated the moment when it was here.”

Joan Didion was an influential modern writer who wrote essays and books shedding light and insight on events in the 60’s and beyond. She recently passed away at the age of 87.

Many of us fail to appreciate the moment when it is here, because we are too concerned about the future or maybe about the past and not focused on the here and now. There are all sorts of “live in the moment” quotes that admonish us to stop and live in the present. It is too bad that we think of them after the fact (or after the moment has passed).  Tourists in foreign lands often spend so much time buying mementos and souvenirs that they miss taking in much of what is there to experience in the moment.

Christmas can be like that for many. We get so wrapped up in buying and giving the gifts and arrangements for family gatherings that we fail to take the time to enjoy the family while we are together. We may look back on pictures that were taken at the time and ask ourselves, “Where was I when this was going on?” Sadly, you may realize that you were there but that you were consumed by worries over the food or the condition of your house or other things and not just enjoying interacting with the people who were there.

So, today, just forget the other stuff and appreciate and enjoy the moments together that you will have with family and friends. Don’t just be in the moment, savor it. Then, when you get the chance to look at the pictures that someone took, they will conjure up fond memories and not troubling questions.

Merry Christmas…enjoy these moments.