Ghost Hunters come to Milford

October 16, 2013

A special General Membership Meeting of the Milford Historical Society is scheduled for this Thursday, October 17th and will take place at the Milford Library.   The Milford Historical Society and the Milford Library have join forces to bring the Motor City Ghosthunters to Milford.

ghostTheir Motto is “Let us drive away your fear of the paranormal”  With 30 years of experience the Motor City Gohsthunters deliver an extensive range of professional services and support at absolutely no cost to their clients.  The group truly believe in what they do and will show evidence of that.  There are believers and non believers,  Who knows?  Maybe this can change a few opinion’s  Are there really paranormals?  We hope you come and just enjoy the evening with the MC Ghosthunters.


You may visit their web site at They have an extensive library of videotaped experiences on ghost hunting trips, including one to Battler Alley in Holly, Michigan.

This meeting does not have a Potluck dinner. The  evening will begin at 7 p.m. at the Milford Township Library located at 330 Family Drive. So come and learn about the paranormal things that might be happening right here in Milford…maybe in your own house.