Featured Business of the Month – Raven Loon Comunications

February 22, 2013


Raven Loon logo

This month’s Featured Business on my Move To Milford Web site is Raven Loon Communications, which is owned and operated by Joan Witte. Joan is a fellow ex-pat of the big corporate world. Like me she had many years working for and with some of the larger companies and organizations in Southeast Michigan; in her case that included time at Ford Motor and the University of Michigan. She was a key player in the marketing and PR organizations of those organizations and was involved with many of the big projects that have had major publicity efforts over the last few decades.

Joan has also had major involvement in the planning and execution of the publicity and marketing efforts that accompanied some of SE Michigan’s largest infrastructure projects. Those campaigns of TV ads and newspaper articles and neighborhood information sharing events to explain and soften the impact of major road or bridge closures for rebuilding don’t just happen. People like Joan plan them and make them happen, and she did for some of the biggest projects in this area.

Joan is now applying the knowledge and techniques that she developed from those corporate experiences to the world of small to medium businesses and non-profit organizations.  Not every company can afford big, expensive ad and PR campaigns for new product launches or major new projects; however no company can afford to go into those types of things blind. Joan helps companies understand the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of what they need to do in marketing and PR in order to be more successful. She can also help with answering the questions “how much to spend, on what and where”, to achieve the maximum return from whatever limited budget is available. Without those insights you might be just as well off to open the front door and toss the money you’re spending on advertising and marketing out on the street in hopes of attracting a crowd. You really don’t know.

Joan’s services range from simple sit-down sessions to discuss your business’ current marketing efforts and explore potential new directions; all the way to planning and executing full blown campaigns that combine marketing and public relations efforts in support of a new business or a new brand or the rejuvenation of an existing business/brand.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Joan and understanding her approach to what she does and appreciating her level of professionalism. I can highly recommend her. So, before you let worrying about all of the marketing and public relations issues involved with your business turn you into a raving loon, get help from The Raven Loon.  Call Joan for that first sit-down meeting. You’ll be glad you did. The Raven Loon Communications –  248-438-6786.