Don’t cross the line…

There is a real danger lurking in the advice from today’s inspirational graphic.

It is all too easy to let your dreams become obsessions and take over your life. What can happen when that is the case is not pretty. Families get torn apart by the decisions that an obsessed dreamer makes. Time is devoted almost solely to the dream and family and friends are left behind.

It is OK to work hard to try to achieve your dream, but is should always be within the context of your broader life and not become your life. Don’t cross the line and let the achievement of your dreams become an obsession.

The other danger is the graphic is the word “hard”. Did you ever know anyone who lived by the mantra “work hard and play hard”? People who are some focused and intense at work and at “play” never really get the benefit of play and relaxation. One cannot work hard at all aspects of life without consequences – usually health issues.

So, I guess my thought would be that the advice in the inspirational graphic today is bogus. Having dreams and working to achieve them is a part of life but must be kept in that perspective – they must be just a part of your life, not that they become your life. Don’t cross the line and allow your dreams to become obsessions.


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