Stop and have a laugh…

I started this week with yet another “chase your dreams” post (see I think it is important to always be striving towards achieving your dreams. That does not mean that you need to become a “heads-down”, super-focused person who is unable to laugh.

I also believe that finding ways to laugh and be less serious about life will add years to your life.  As a society, Americans have become way too serious about everything – unable to find the humor in everyday life and unable to find forgiveness for others and acceptance of differences with others.

A sense of humor seems to be missing from our political scene these days. Instead of a chuckle and the thought, “where do they get these clowns?”, we have taken their bizarre behavior and ridiculous statements way too seriously. Perhaps it is because they seem to be having an outsized impact on political decisions that impact our daily lives. In any event, the fringe people on both sides of the political spectrum have become less humorous and much more threatening. Perhaps if you start imagining them again as the clowns that they are it might help. If you just stop and listen to some of their ridiculous statements, you can’t help but laugh. These are not serious people and you should not take them seriously.

So. What are we to do? You can start by taking my advice from past posts to make a funny face in the mirror to start your day. Taking that moment to break out of your serious mode can lighten your mood considerably. Being serious does not always mean being stern or angry looking. Instead of walking around looking like you are passing a kidney stone; try walking around looking like you just heard a good joke or just got good news. People will see your smile or hear your chuckle and want to engage you to find out why you are so happy.

It’s mid-week as I write this, so stop and have a good laugh to help you get through the rest of the week. Stop and take a look in the mirror. Make a funny face and have a laugh. Seriously, stop and have a good laugh.


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