So, get started already…

My last few posts have been about change and achieving things in your life. They offered encouragement that success and even greatness is available to those who embrace change to achieve that greatness.

Today’s post may be looked at as step one on the road to greatness – getting started. Nothing kills or delays greatness more than procrastination. Procrastination is the mother of the lament – “coulda, woulda, shoulda”.

I would opine that just starting, no matter in which direction, will get you to where you want to end up. Getting started puts you in motion and allows Newton’s first law of physics to take over – a body in motion tends to stay in motion. That first law also states that the body in motion will travel in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force. That force is the willingness to change. If you embrace change in your life those changes (forces) will alter the course of your life.

Embracing love will also change your life – love of self and love of others. Embracing love is not the opposite of embracing hate, it is the opposite of embracing apathy. I have posted here a few times about the importance of loving yourself before you can love others – see Embracing love is a change from being apathetic and will set you on a new course to greatness.

Embracing a faith in (and love of) God is a change (a force) that most experience at some point in their lives. Many step back or away from their faith or lose track of it and that lack of the force of faith in their lives may dictate a direction in their life that does not end well. A life without faith is like sailing on a ship without a rudder – it will drift along in some direction, but it is not under control.

Maybe that is the key to getting started towards greatness – loving God, loving yourself and loving others. At least it gets you going and in a good direction. Try it today. Get started with love.


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