Be what you were…

That tag line is from an ad for an application called Bend that appears to offer instructions for stretching and exercising that is aimed at restoring some of the flexibility and range of motion that older adults may have lost. I’m no0t sure that I agree with the thought of be what you were. It is a nice thought but one that holds out false hope of rolling back time. None of us can do that, but we can decide to be the best that we can be right now, without worrying about trying to recapture what we were.

As an older adult I am concerned about things like my balance and flexibility; things that I just took for granted earlier in life. I have accepted that I have reached an age where others may view me as being “elderly”, even though I don’t feel elderly. The word “elderly” carries with it a lot of negative baggage. It seems like elderly people are thought to be frail and perhaps in poor health. I suppose that it would be hard to be in perfect health at my age (79 this year); however, I’m not in poor health.

I may download that app to see what advice is has; not that I expect to be what I was, but maybe I can be a little better as I am. What about you? Do you dream of being what you were or do you just try to be the best that you can be now?


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