You’ve got a friend, no matter what…

When I saw this graphic recently my initial thought was that everyone, whether woman or man needs such a friend. As I though about it further, I realized that we already have such a friend in God.

God is always there, no matter what. God loves us no matter what. God will not judge us, no matter what. God will listen to us, forgive us and give us strength, no matter what. You’ve got a friend, in God.

I see no conflict with having an earthly “no matter what” friend. Perhaps God put them in our lives to help us get through life; however, even then there are things that can only be shared with God. There are deep, inner feelings that you hold back, but which cannot be hidden from God. And you know that you can share them with God, no matter what.

So go ahead and have a BFF that you can share most things with. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Open you heart to them. But always remember that at the end of the day and at the end of life, God is still there with you, no matter what.


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